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Changing the World With a Pen—Sitting Down With Satish Ray

Satish Ray is an Indian comedian and YouTube influencer known to play the popular character, Imaandar Sharma, in the series TVF’s Imaandar Interview. He also plays Babban Bhola, Pappu Positive in his YouTube sketches and series. He started his career as a writer in popular youth entertainment channel The Viral Fever and has never failed to produce great content and leave his viewers bewildered. Recently, as a part of the Manipal Conclave, The Post had a chance to sit down with this veteran actor.

What was your inspiration behind your famous character—Imaandar Sharma?

I have often noticed that people are enthusiastic and patriotic on Independence Day or Republic Day while they continue to degrade their own country throughout the year. They pirate images and pass them for vacation photos, to maintain a status in the society. Quite recently, everyone has been pretending to work from home while taking a nap behind their laptop screens. They try to put up fake pretences to fit into the ideal definition of a perfect citizen. This phoney behaviour is unnecessary and needs to end. To make the masses rethink their actions, we brought up a character, Imaandar Sharma, a paragon of hypocrisy. His words and his actions contradict each other. This character was meant to expose the flaws in a person’s character and inundate them in guilt. A character or a person did not inspire Imaandar Sharma; it was inspired by a thought—to bring about a significant change in society.

You have a degree in engineering, so what prompted you to change paths and take up acting as a career?

I do not take my life seriously. Like many students, I had a dream to study in one of the IITs as well. However, when this dream was shattered, I was very miserable. Later, I realised that this is not the end of life. Life is fantastic, and I did not want to waste it in overthinking. As a teen, I was good at writing, and I excelled at studies as well. But when you come from a middle-class family, it isn’t easy to choose anything other than the mainstream career paths. When I went to college, I realised that engineering is not my passion. Also, I do not intend to say that the people who go for mainstream career paths are not courageous to pursue their dreams. People should do whatever fascinates them and gives them an environment to grow. I have noticed that people always have the notion that they can save up some money before pursuing their dream. However, this is procrastination, and it never happens as we move on with our lives and start taking responsibility for our life and family. So, I believe, we should take risks. I took a chance, and it turned out great for me.

You started your journey from your YouTube channel Backbenchers and moved on to become a writer, how has your journey been so far?

If I put up my entire journey in a word, it will also be my biography’s title. My whole life has been a “cut to”. In the cinematics language, “cut to” is a sudden transition from a scene to an entirely contrasting new stage. This is how my life has been because it has been continuously changing to bring me days better than the days I have lived. My journey in writing has been incredible, and it is something I am proud of.

How do you deal with a writer’s block?

When I am not able to proceed with a story, I start working on another story parallelly. This starts giving me new ideas. I believe that writer’s block is just a self-induced fear that we inflict upon us. The best way to get out of it is to start writing any idea that pops in our brain and later decide if it is worth keeping in a story. In fact, this can also brew new ideas altogether. The best way to deal with a writer’s block is to write.

Do you think web series, digital content, movies, articles, or books can change society?

If a story is well written, it can bring a constructive change. Stories that narrate the unfiltered thoughts of a person are bound to be more relatable. They also force the readers to look at the situation from a different point of view and analyse the situation better. Stories that try very hard to bring about a change, end up being boring. Powerful accounts can be a revolution, and I stand by that notion.

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