The End Semester Playlist [Odd Sem’21]

Worried about exams? The Post is here with a playlist that alleviates your anxiety and jump-starts your preparations.

With the cumulative effort of the Staff, the playlists were carefully curated after numerous hours of listening to an assortment of genres. They are a perfect blend of productiveness and relaxation for your caffeine breaks, the never-ending group study sessions till dawn and the not-so-fifteen minute power naps. Our Study Playlist is the perfect choice for prolific study sessions, while the Unwind Playlist focuses on a more laid back ambience, slowly easing into a serene vibe with a few festive tracks to match the time of the year. Without leaving anyone’s genre of the year out, the playlists cater to all needs, be it rock, K-Pop, rap, indie pop, instrumentals, or alternative. We understand that the End Semester examinations are a tough time and hope these playlists enrich your all-nighters and last-minute revisions.



Study and Unwind playlists curated by Aditya Narayan and Devangshi Debraj.

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The End Semester Playlist [Odd Sem’20]

This exam season, the Post is here with a soundtrack for everyone.

Carefully curated after days of listening to some wonderful suggestions, the playlists are ideal for burning the midnight oil, studying until the crack of dawn, or taking a well-deserved break. Our Instrumental Study playlist is the perfect background for productive study sessions. The Unwind Playlist, whilst creating a relaxing ambience at the beginning, slowly accelerates into more energetic beats, finally easing into songs with a more tranquil vibe. The myriad of musical genres intends to cater to everyone’s needs, be it rock, K-Pop, rap, indie pop, instrumentals, or alternative. We hope these playlists help you breeze through the End Semester examinations and power you through those numerous all-nighters along with necessitous amounts of caffeine.


Study Playlist curated by Sagarika Seshagiri and Jahnvi Singh

Unwind Playlist curated by Shirley Asangi and Diya Talwar

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The Mid-Term Playlist [Odd Sem’20]

With the online mid-terms right around the corner, it really makes one realise how the year has gone by with an erratic ebb and flow. To help you take a much-needed breather from all the stress and banality of the lockdown, The Post promptly presents this semester’s study playlist to help get you back into the groove.

Whether it be fervent vocals or soothing instrumentals, treat yourself to some energizing late-night euphonies when you hit the books!


Vocal Playlist curated by Ramya N. and Arnaav Anand 


Instrumental Playlist curated by Devangshi Debraj

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The Sessionals Playlist Vol.I [Even Sem’20]

As is tradition, The Post is back with yet another playlist to soothe your pre-exam nerves and help you get through the hectic days and nights ahead. With the overwhelming stress of exams, the struggle to focus can be intimidating. As you drown in pages of barely-comprehensible notes, use our carefully curated beats to carry you through the long hours.

Pick the playlist of your preference — the Vocal, for those who need a powerful voice to go with their beats, and the Instrumental, for those who need more mellow music to keep their focus.


Vocal playlist curated by Prajyoth Kadamba.


Instrumental playlist curated by Varun S.

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The End Semester Playlist [Odd Sem’19]

As the year draws to a close, the inescapable stress of exams sets in once again. We at the MIT Post bring you our final playlists of the year, to help get you through the long nights ahead.

Our Study playlist offers you the perfect background score for your intense study sessions, while the Unwind playlist helps you calm down in the few moments of respite you get in-between. Plug in your headphones and get studying!

The Study Playlist

Curated by Adithya Nayak

The Unwind Playlist

Curated by Vinayak Srivastava

Featured Image credits: Troy G Larson, Photography Blog

The Sessionals Playlist Vol.II [Odd Sem’19]

Tune out the world as you get into study-mode to beat the sessionals. The MIT Post’s vocal and instrumental playlists are the perfect companion to your caffeine-fuelled study sessions.
With a wide range of music, the vocals playlist will motivate you while you pull through gruelling all-nighters, and the instrumental playlist will help you focus with its ambient and mellow tunes. Find your rhythm and keep the momentum going with our playlist as you prepare for days ahead.

Instrumental Playlist

Instrumental playlist curated by Vibha Bhat

Vocal Playlist

Vocal playlist curated by Varun Srikanth

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The Sessionals Playlist Vol.I [Odd Sem’19]

As the sessionals inch closer, the stress of pulling all-nighters and living on caffeine may start to get to you. Browsing through hundreds of pages of notes might prove to be difficult with the distractions that accompany college life. With this in mind, we at the Post bring you, as per usual, our carefully curated Sessional Playlists, with a wide range of selections that would appeal to every individual sensibility.

The vocal playlist, for those of you who need a powerful voice to go with your beats, and the instrumental playlist for more ambient, mellow music to help you focus.

Vocal Playlist

Vocal playlist curated by Ashwin Suresh

Instrumental Playlist

Instrumental playlist curated by Abhijit Rajanish


Featured Image credits: Matt Korman, The 405

The End Semester Playlist [Even Sem’19]

While the semester is ending and the enormous piles of notes keep you up all night, The MIT Post is here with its playlists to help you make it through these hard times.

With an ambient and soothing vibe to it, the Study playlist will keep you company as you battle against time to finish your portion. The perfect partner to your coffee and binge eating breaks, the groovy numbers of the Unwind playlist will lighten your mood and help you take some weight off your shoulders. Tune in and study away!

Study Playlist



Curated by Sanjana Srivastava and Vinayak Srivastava

Unwind Playlist



Curated by Kritika Batra and Prajyoth Kadamba 

Sessionals Playlist Vol.II [Even Semester’19]

It’s that time of the semester when you’re surrounded with notes, watching time whizz past in the blink of an eye. As you stay up till the break of dawn, The Post is back with its vocal and instrumental playlists to keep you company. So grab a cup of coffee and plug in your headphones to zone into at least a couple hours of serious studying.
Take your pick among our vocal playlist, filled with breathtaking vocals paired with incredible riffs; or go for an ambient, soothing mellow chill with our instrumental playlistranging from orchestral classics to modern chill-hop.

Vocal Playlist


Instrumental Playlist


Vocal Playlist curated by Kritika Batra and Rasika Murali 
Instrumental Playlist curated by Sanjana Srivastava and Joshika S

The Sessionals Playlist Vol.I [Even Sem’19]

As the clock ticks by and the sessionals’ stress kicks in, The MIT Post, as per usual, is back with its playlists. The vocal playlist will keep the adrenalin pumping while the instrumental playlist will calm your nerves and give you a chance to breathe. As you crawl from the late hours of the night all the way into the wee hours of the morning, we hope that these playlists give you the motivation to continue hustling.

Vocal Playlist

Instrumental Playlist

Vocal Playlist curated by Vaaridhi Mathur and Swadhin Routray
Instrumental Playlist curated by Kritika Batra and Rasika Murali