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Dreams-A Peek Into Our Minds

Among the many obscure mysteries related to our tiny grey cells, the phenomenon of dreaming has been an enigma to many psychologists and scientists through the years. From Sigmund Freud’s theories to studies of the human brain waves, read on to learn more about these ubiquitous ideas.

Every Drop Counts – State Level Workshop on Water Conservation

A state-level Workshop on Water Conservation was organized by the Department of Civil Engineering MIT Manipal on 30th and 31st May 2017. A total of 146 members from 18 districts of Karnataka State participated in the workshop. Reasons for water scarcity and the role of various organizations in mitigating drought were discussed during the two days’ deliberation.

Making Amends – The Student Council’s Meeting

The Student Council recently ­met with the administration of MIT to discuss certain growing concerns of students and council members alike. The Director, Joint Director, and a host of authorities were present to address and incorporate the mentioned suggestions.

Clean as a Whistle – Local Volunteer’s Clean Up Drive

AIESEC opens their Local Volunteering project through which they wish to bring about changes around Manipal through volunteering opportunities. Through their latest venture, a Clean-Up Drive, a collective effort had let them clean up a place as big as the RC Grounds within two hours. Their program is open to everyone who wishes to chance Manipal for the better.

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