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The End Semester Playlist [Odd Sem ’16] – Study

For the times when you’ve felt the need for some alleviation and calm in your daily struggle to study, we, at The MIT Post, have thought about helping you out with yet another collection of soothing and pensive tracks from artists across the globe. So pull out the cache of caffeine, put on your headphones, and plunge into the scrupulously curated playlist, just for you.

Happily Ever Laughter – A Tale Of Two Plays

A set of two plays, put on by Aaina Dramatics, explores the flaws inherent in the archaic societal worldview prevalent in India. Witness an account of Aaina’s endeavours to open the audience’s eyes to blatant hypocrisy, using stellar acting and incredible music to tell its tales.

alt-J – This Is All Yours [Finely Tuned]

This week on Finely Tuned, we review the eccentric, enigmatic, and undoubtedly talented trio, alt-J. With their dexterous use of unconventional instruments and ability to be trendsetters, this British indie rock band has set the benchmark for neophyte hipster musicians. Take a closer look at their second album, ‘This Is All Yours’.

Megadeth – Rust in Peace [Finely Tuned]

‘Rust in Peace’, three words that metalheads around the world are all too familiar with. The album that inspired countless seething, long-haired, leather jacket donning teenagers to use their pent-up angst productively and pick up a guitar instead. This week on Finely Tuned, we take a look at this pinnacle of thrash metal.

Eric Clapton – Unplugged [Finely Tuned]

This week on Finely Tuned, we have Eric Clapton’s MTV Unplugged, an album that redefined the story of Eric Clapton’s career. An all-acoustic live masterpiece, Unplugged is a treat for every blues and Eric Clapton fan. If you’re not a fan, you will be.

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