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Tech Tatva’15: Building the Building Blocks

When it’s all said and done, Civil Engineering is still one of the pillars upon which modern science stands. Manipal Institute of Technology started off with Civil, and to this date, its students take pride in this fact, and rightfully so. Conkreation was one of the

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Tech Tatva’15: Tag Team Coding

To your average spectator, a coding competition is the least exciting of all, where a group of bespectacled teenagers simply sit around typing. Peitho Omada was not such an event. In an attempt to make something which appears mundane into something exciting, Cryptoss came up

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Tech Tatva’15: Deception Point

You could be a seasoned coder in C++ or one of the other known languages, and then you would have to go ahead and forget it all for Decepticode. This event took the participants back to the basics by giving them the documentation of an

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TechTatva’15: Carting Through Time

In the midst of the torrential rains that gripped the first day of TechTatva ’15, The SAE Club conducted one of its main events under Kraftwagen – Devil Karters.  At around 1.15PM, NLH 103 was deserted, except for the patient Event Head, Utkarsh Mehrotra, and his