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Summit Manipal ’16: IPM

Presented with a crisis situation in Saudi Arabia, the delegates of the International Press Meet had to find a way to express their opinions against the oppression of their freedom without having the power to do anything about it.

Summit Manipal ’16: WHO

An interesting agenda, a relaxed board, an experienced delegation, a stimulating crisis, and one heated debate. WHO had it all.One which had experienced and inexperienced delegates alike, the committee was one of the more successful ones of Summit Manipal.

Summit Manipal ’16: UNODC

UNODC is one of those lesser known committees of the United Nations Organization. With Summit Manipal deciding to venture into uncharted territory by introducing this committee in the MUN, one could have easily doubted it’s success. Read on.

Summit Manipal ’16: UNHCR

The United Nations High Commission for Refugees had moments such as a delegate calling for a motion to end the session for the day, the involvement of ISIS, bombings in Greece, debates between Middle Eastern countries, and a bio-weapon developed by a Chinese virologist. All of these crisis updates made the event interesting and was fittingly complemented by the enthusiastic speakers.

Summit Manipal ’16 : UNSC CTED

A highly robust, well informed discussion on tackling world terrorism, UNSC CTED was one of the most successful committees of Summit Manipal ’16. Intense debates, furious chit-passing, and presence of mind were the order of all three days of Summit Manipal.

Revels ’16: Paradigm Shift

With events that are specifically tailored to hone one’s literary skills, ‘Paradigm Shift’ is the one you seek if you eat Alpha-Bits for breakfast. No, really. You should try them.

Revels ’16: Crescendo

The category for people who think they can play music, Crescendo, true to its name, is nothing more than the build up to the Proshows. If you weren’t able to get selected to the Battle of the Bands, there’s still Live Mic (it’s not what you think it is), Serenata, etc. to try for.

Revels ’16: EQ-IQ

The presence of Table No. 21 is testament to the fact that the sponsorship committee brought in more money than the organisers could spend because here you literally get paid to have fun. These organisers think they are really cool since they have Mr and Ms Revels; but Spyglass uses semicolons where commas should have gone.

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