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Aeroverse under TechTatva’22 presented a plethora of events from the entire spectrum of the Aerospace Universe.
From Glider designing to Flight Simulator to an enthralling test of knowledge in
quizzes, sharing a common love for the beauty of aviation; this is an aviation enthusiast’s nirvana.


Chakravyuh 3.0 Shivani Seshadri Iyer | Staff Writer The infamous labyrinth of the longest epic in the world was recreated by the organisers of Chakravyuh 3.0 in TechTatva’22.  The labyrinth’s first round consisted of a numerical, basic GK, problem-solving, and aptitude-based test. Each paper had 15

TechTatva’22-Questionable Intelligence

True to its name, this event made all the contestants question their intelligence. From word puzzles and ‘pop’ culture to technology-centric debates, it activated both the logical and creative centres of the brain. Contestants hoping for an affirmation of their sagacity would walk away either gratified or disappointed.

TechTatva’22—AI Airsoft

AI Airsoft Sanskriti Srivastava | Staff Writer AI Airsoft took place on the first two days of TechTatva’22. The motive of this event was to develop an efficient CV Model in order to implement it in real life. This average AI event shaped into a

TechTatva’22—Cosmic Con

Cosmic Con takes you on a tour through the world of creativity and fiction with its wonderfully designed enthralling and mind-boggling categories.


Tesseract Deepali Vengala| Staff Writer Tesseract was a two-day Treasure Hunt experience aimed at unearthing the athletes of the mind. Day one was a mental workout, but day two pushed the participants to be street-smart and book-smart.  Over 70 teams and 500 students were tested, out


Winds of Crisis gave aspiring entrepreneurs a chance to test their abilities in a challenging environment where a split second decision could decide their fate.

TechTatva’22- Mechanize

Nutstackers  Krish Singh| Staff Writer  Nutstackers was a one-day event in Tech Tatva where the participants had to pile-up nuts and make a tower using chopsticks. To make things even more challenging, each person had access to only a single chopstick for their nut tower.

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