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Revels’17 – Dramebaaz

From long-standing favorites such as ‘Centre Stage’ and ‘Nukkad Natak’ to atypical events such as ‘Improv Asylum’ and ‘MadAds’, Dramebaaz promised to be a handful.

Pre-Revels ’17: Footloose

One of the few things that captures the cultural diversity of India is Dance. Footloose, the official dance category of Revels’17, managed to capture every aspect of the art of dancing during the Pre-Revels events.

TechTatva’16: Vedanth 6.0

An eye for an eye, an Arduino for a raspberry pi. Every year, Vedanth sees a battle of some of the best minds of MIT, Manipal as they exhibit their months of hard work and brainstorming as one consolidated innovation. This year round, the standard of the projects sky rocketed, as professors marveled at the inventiveness of their students.

Revels ’16: Paradigm Shift

With events that are specifically tailored to hone one’s literary skills, ‘Paradigm Shift’ is the one you seek if you eat Alpha-Bits for breakfast. No, really. You should try them.

Revels ’16: Crescendo

The category for people who think they can play music, Crescendo, true to its name, is nothing more than the build up to the Proshows. If you weren’t able to get selected to the Battle of the Bands, there’s still Live Mic (it’s not what you think it is), Serenata, etc. to try for.

Revels ’16: EQ-IQ

The presence of Table No. 21 is testament to the fact that the sponsorship committee brought in more money than the organisers could spend because here you literally get paid to have fun. These organisers think they are really cool since they have Mr and Ms Revels; but Spyglass uses semicolons where commas should have gone.

Revels ’16: Kalakriti

Do you see a Rhinoceros? Within a Rhinoceros? ‘Kalakriti’ was that category of Revels whose events made one scramble for their palettes and brushes. From pot caricatures to rangoli designs, they had it all. Except for French girls.

Revels ’16: Lensation

Gather ’round if you’ve been bitten by the shutterbug, or even better – if you are the shutterbug. Lensation, the photography category of Revels’16, brings together the rather talented members of a species that thrives behind the camera and preys on film.

Revels ’16: Psychus

The category Psychus aims at tickling not your funny bone but your medulla oblongata. So as long as your grey matters and, of course, functions, Psychus is going to be your mind-gym for Revels’16. Don’t miss leg-day, though.

Revels ’16: Haute Couture

If you want to see what Mechanical Engineering students think other branches look like, this is the category to check out. There is a lot of beauty on display, from the decorated stages to the groovy music. Because obviously that is what you will come for.

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