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Human Library—Revels ’22

Human Library proved to be one of the most unique events at Revels 2022. Participants had the opportunity to discover the stories of people from various backgrounds as part of this accommodative and light-hearted event.

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Consulere—Revels ’22

Consulere brought together business minded students and sought to challenge their ability to think creatively and on their feet. It offered interesting events such as Shark Dank and Bidding Wars which brought out the teamworking and negotiation skills of the contestants.

Tragedy and Comedy masks

Dramebaaz—Revels ’22

Dramebaaz, with its flagship acting events, was certainly the platform for those with a flair for the dramatic. It boasted of multiple events, each catering to a different aspect of theatre. While some performances tugged at the viewers’ heartstrings, others would leave them gasping for air with laughter.


From TV show-inspired events to brain-wracking quizzes, Animania featured an array of captivating events. In these three events, participants were encouraged to break out of their comfort zones and explore their creativity, resulting in a memorable experience.


Lensation offered photography enthusiasts a chance to showcase their talents through varying platforms. From photography and videography to graphic designing, the eight events held under the category saw photographers take different angles while portraying their best works.


Psychus encouraged participants to think outside the box and tease their brains with unique, challenging and fun events. These three events put the contestants through multiple rounds that tested their IQ and only the wittiest of them could prevail and emerge as winners.

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