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Category Archives: Event Reports

AngelHack Manipal Hackathon

The Department of Information and Communication technology co-hosted a hackathon. Twenty-four hours of coding with experts to support and guide the participants followed, with the winners clinching enticing prizes.

Manipal Entrepreneurship Summit 2016

The Manipal Entrepreneurship Summit was held on the 16th of April this year at the Library Auditorium, spanning an entire day. The Summit can be credited for an impressive list of entrepreneurs from various fields, ranging from apparel manufacturing, to technical development and R&D ,

AIESEC’s Wanderlust

The evening of 17th April saw the occurrence of ‘Wanderlust’, an event hosted by AIESEC in Manipal University in an effort to showcase the various cultures of the world to the students, through music, dance, and games.

International Cuisine Night

IAESTE’s Manipal recently hosted a delegation of eleven from IAESTE Graz, Austria. They hosted an international cuisine night to showcase Indian food to our guests from abroad, while also learning about their culinary tastes. Read on to find out about the delicious spread brought forward by the students.

Prometheus ’16: Artem

The latest additon to the list of competitions under IE CSE’s flagship event ‘Prometheus’, Artem received participation from plenty of aspiring designers.

Summit Manipal ’16: IPM

Presented with a crisis situation in Saudi Arabia, the delegates of the International Press Meet had to find a way to express their opinions against the oppression of their freedom without having the power to do anything about it.