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Crescendo showcased Manipal’s vibrant musical talent through exciting contests. The events filled the campus with harmonious symphonies as participants flaunted their melodic dexterity with a diverse assortment of genres and styles.


Ampersand offered contestants a mixed bag of fun-filled competitions involving spoken and written word, photography, debating and more. The events had thrilling twists with something for everyone, leaving the participants with an enriching and exhilarating experience.

Journey to Eureka—TEDx MAHE 2022

The Think Tank Manipal held it’s annual flagship event TEDx MAHE on 3rd April 2022. As part of the theme “Journey to Eureka,” six accomplished and decorated speakers took the stage to share their stories and the driving forces in their careers and personal lives.

A Clash of Fists—Fight Night Manipal

The first-ever boxing event held in Manipal, SBL Fight Night was a delight for boxing enthusiasts and casual spectators alike, the force behind the punches was heard loud and clear befitting the theme to knock out substance abuse.

A Delight For Otakus—MAC’s Shonen Fest

A show for enthusiasts, from enthusiasts—this year’s Shonen Fest yet again offered a treat for anime and manga fans. MAC Manipal hosted multiple bite-sized competitions and hands-on events for participants to enjoy.

Imagination to Innovation—MIT’s Internal Hackathon for SIH

MIT’s Internal Hackathon for Smart India Hackathon was conducted on 12th March 2022 and provided students with an opportunity to emerge with innovative solutions for real world problems. An exciting 12-hour hackathon, it was held to choose the top teams from the institute for the national round. Read on to know more about what transpired at the event.

CAREER TALKS—Misconceptions Made Clear

CAREER TALKS-Misconceptions, an event hosted by IE-E&C Student Community of Manipal headlined successful Manipal students and alumni that highlighted the process of landing internship opportunities. Furthermore, the time spent with our very own first and second-year students spotlighted several life lessons and tips to achieve individualistic career goals.

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