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A Journey of Magical Motivation—Illumine Talks

A magician and a motivational speaker—two unique and diverse individuals provided their take on life, success, and perspective in Illumine held by Lions Club of Manipal and the Rotaract Club of Manipal. An entertaining and informative evening left each onlooker taking back a few important life lessons.

A Diadem of Online Duels–Pokemon Showdown 2019

To those strategists who maneuver the world of Pokemons, the Manga and Anime Club presented the Pokemon Showdown tournament, one of the offerings from its annual Shonen fest. Already a popular online game, the event had both seasoned gamers as well as young newcomers flocking to prevail and emerge victorious.

Evolution of Language – Lingua 101

Humans have come a long way from communicating in sign language to an array of different languages. Lingua 101, organised by Blank 101, offered a new yet interesting perspective on this evolution of language along with mentions of various modes of communications used by some animals.

A Bite of the Apple―iOS Dev 101

iOS Dev 101, organised by Apple Developers Group helped students comprehend the basics of iOS app development and served as an introductory class on Apple’s ‘Swift’ and its functioning. ADG plans on inspiring more students to take up app development for iOS and used this event as a gateway to iOS app development.

Close Encounters of the Veiled Kind—Blindfolded Conversations

Blindfolded Conversations organised by The Psych Club, Manipal on the 13th of January 2019, involved participants talking to each other for long durations while being blindfolded. The conversations allowed the people to see each other in a new light, without their sense of sight, in an event that was considered a relaxing experience before the upcoming assignment week.

Unscrew Engines– A Paradise for Automobile Aficionados

SAE-IM’s Unscrew Engines, a two day workshop, provided students with a hands-on experience at assembling and understanding the working of automobile engines. A practical approach to concepts that are dealt with theoretically in class, intrigued the interests of many students who attended the workshop.

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