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CAREER TALKS—Misconceptions Made Clear

It is a common perception that you are set for life once you get into a good college after graduation. However, in reality, most students are under-informed and unprepared for making future decisions to shape their careers thereafter. CAREER TALKS-Misconceptions Made Clear, a one-day virtual event conducted by the IE-E&C Student Community of Manipal answered many questions surrounding students and their potential future careers.

An organiser of the event. [Image Credits: IE-E&C]

Held on 13th February 2022, this event primarily saw first and second-year MIT students as attendees. It highlighted ten speakers: Sameer Rastogi, Rujula, Vamshi Krishna, Kunal Pradhan, Ashwin, Rohan Nigam, Rajlee, Akshaye, Rakesh, and Rakshit Naidu. These individuals have successfully bagged internships and placements in globally renowned companies, such as Microsoft, Deloitte, Silicon Labs, etc. By sharing their experiences, insights, and difficulties, they called attention to lessons learned in overcoming the hardships they endured during their career journeys. Each speaker shared their individual experiences by running through their branch’s typical internship placement process, from preparation to interviews and finally selections. Sameer Rastogi, a current intern at Microsoft, emphasized the importance of early planning and prepping for recruitments. Others shared various resources they had used during their preparation process.

Vamshi Krishna—a speaker at the event. [Image Credits: IE-E&C]

Additionally, the students who attended the event understood the basic structure of a work interview, resume building, and CGPA requirements, among other essential details. Most of the speakers highlighted the importance of consistency. “Consistency is Key,” remarked Vamshi Krishna, a 4th Year MIT student and an intern at Fastenal.

The event concluded with a short session by Rakshit Naidu, a former MIT student currently pursuing a master’s in Information Technology at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Mr. Naidu provided the attendees with extensive information on the application and admission process at International Universities. For example, providing tips on constructing a Statement of Purpose, building a resume, and attending standardised tests. Each session was later followed by an informative Q&A session where participants clarified their doubts. Overall, the event was a great success and the participants gained valuable insights that will be useful for their careers in the future.

[Featured Image Credits: IE-E&C]

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