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Business and Batting: An introduction to MITCL


If a semi-professional league for football managed to exceed expectations in a college belonging to a country overrun by cricket lovers, it was only a matter of time before the cricketers began to bat for their sport as well. It wasn’t long before MIT’s semi-professional cricket league, MITCL, kicked off.

The selection process for MITCL was very similar to that of MITFL. Students from all years thronged in large numbers for the selections. Each student was scored on the basis of his performance, and the talented few who made the cut, were chosen to play for six different teams in the League. The MITCL organisers took it up a notch by adding the selected few to an auction pool, with each player having a base price according to his performance in the trials. Each team was given a budget of Rs. 25 lakh. Except for the money being imaginary, the auctioning process was an impeccable replica of that of the Indian Premier League.

The auction took place on the 13th of September at the Library Auditorium. Mr. Vinod Nayak, the Sports Secretary of Manipal University, was the chief guest for the evening. Along with the Director, Dr. G.K. Prabhu, Dr. Sathish Mallya, the Director of Physical Education MIT, and Mr. Raahul Kotian of SOAHS were also present. What followed was a blend of cricketing and business tactics, as teams dished out money for players.DSC_0050

The captains and managers of the six teams (names and captains are mentioned at the end of the article) chose from a pool of players divided into three categories. The first category included players from MIT’s cricket team, wherein 18 out of a possible 20 were sold in the first round. Depending on their performances, the non-team players were divided into Tier 1 and Tier 2.

AB Maheshwari claimed top honours with a final price of Rs. 13.3 lakh, having been priced at Rs. 1 lakh initially. A total of 147 players made it to the auction pool, with six captains and 84 players making it to one of the six teams. In fact, the Hurricanes and the Ninjas were victims of excessive spending (every MITian can relate) and were forced to let go one player each from the MIT cricket team.

The auction was great. A shoutout to OrionZen Works, our marketing partners who also designed the brilliant auctioning software. This is just the beginning, and we are planning to make this an inter-MU event. Hopefully, we shall have two more teams next year”, said Vansh Mahajan, Chairperson of MITCL.

This tournament is the brainchild of Vansh Mahajan and his team: Ansh Bhutani (General Secretary), and AB Maheshwari, Operations Head. Hopefully, Manipal’s erratic weather shall not play spoilsport on the 2nd of October, when we hope to see you for MITCL’s inaugural game!


The names of the teams along with their captains are:

Hurricanes – Aryan Gupta
Titans – Mayank Sinha
Pirates – Romel Krishna
Wizards – Saswat Prusty
Samurais – Rishabh Singh
Ninjas – Abhishek Gerard


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