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Where do I buy new textbooks?

What clubs should I join?

Will EG ever be easy?

Is that Thai place near End Point any good?

Answers to these important questions are often difficult to find for a freshman in Manipal. It is understandable that there’s no time for extensive research when one spends most of their time navigating through the campus and ensuring that their umbrellas don’t get blown away.

The nervousness and unfamiliarity that accompanies the first year of college in this small, bustling town is nothing out of the ordinary. Freshers often find themselves overwhelmed by the sheer number of things on their checklist. Having a readily available source of information is incredibly helpful. Thus, to make the winding hallways of the academic blocks feel more like home, enter MIT’s Buddy Program.

What is the Buddy Program?

This program helps a fresher adjust to the ways of life in Manipal as quickly as possible. The freshman registers as a bud and finds their buddy in a senior student and can take their help whenever required. The buddy’s job is to provide guidance and support, whether it be soothing anxiety about academics at MIT or giving fast-food recommendations.

The bud will be matched to their buddy based on their shared interests, as entered on the website during the registration. This way, the buddy and the bud can connect on a more personal level. The buds can seek their buddy’s help regarding queries related to academics, extracurriculars, and anything else they feel unsure of. It is also the responsibility of the buddy to ensure that the No-Ragging policy is upheld. The program will last for one semester and the pair cannot withdraw from the project before the termination of this duration.

How will the Buddy Program be implemented?

The Buddy Program will be a completely voluntary program. Students from the second and third years can apply as buddies by filling a registration form that will record their interests. The freshers will also fill a similar form, registering as buds.

The bud and the buddy will then be matched according to the details entered. The assignment is done automatically by an algorithm that aims to ensure that every bud gets a buddy and the buds are distributed fairly among all the buddies. The assignment takes the interests entered during registration into account and randomizes the assignment in case of no matching interests. In case the algorithm is unable to find a match, there is an option for manual assignment. Any problem faced with a buddy can be reported by the bud to the Student Council via their website or the contact provided.

Spearheaded by the Student Council of MIT, the second edition of the Buddy Program aims to get a higher number of people registered. The project is also a certified one and every senior will receive a certificate at the end of their tenure as a buddy.

First years can enrol themselves for the Buddy Program from the 24th of July by clicking here.

Second and third year students can enrol themselves as a Buddy by the 8th and 14th of July respectively, by clicking here.

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