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Raising Awareness about Breast Cancer—A Walkathon by VSO and TechTatva

VSO’s Walkathon, one of the multiple social outreach programs of TechTatva’19, began early on a damp Sunday morning, on 6th October 2019. About a hundred enthusiastic and energetic volunteers gathered at the EDU building at 7 AM. The purpose of this walkathon was to raise awareness about breast cancer. The event was flagged off by Dr D Srikanth Rao, Director of MIT, and Dr Prabhudeva Mane, Chief Operating Officer. The two dignitaries of MAHE, cognizant of the grave matter at hand, played their role in forwarding the cause by addressing the crowd and commenced the event.

The energy of the crowd was palpable, with the streets resonating the chants of the volunteers, and adorned with eye-catching placards. The designated path was designed to traverse the major landmarks of Manipal. The crowd first proceeded to make their way to the MCOPS building followed by BQ canteen and Marena, before finally coming to a halt at MIT Quadrangle.  The Quadrangle proved to be the perfect backdrop to bring the event to a close—where a small stage programme was conducted wherein Dr D Srikanth Rao, Vinay Reddy, a third-year student from KMC and a representative from POWER (Platform for Women Entrepreneurs Development), and Rashmi Samant, the Convener of TechTatva’19, spoke about the causes, symptoms, and preventative measures to detect the early onset of breast cancer. At the end of the event, the participants were provided with breakfast, and as a reward for their efforts, e-certificates will be handed out to them in due course.

On being interviewed after the event, Likhith Shivaprasad, a member of the Student Council, expressed his disappointment with the lacklustre turnout, attributing it to the heavy downpour a few hours before the event. However, he showed appreciation for the people who turned up in spite of the less than ideal conditions. The event also paid credence to the workshops conducted by the doctors of KMC concerning the same issue, held immediately after the walkathon, and encouraged those in attendance to take part and learn more about the grave issue.

It was a pleasant and informative morning that helped bring to everyone’s attention the serious issue of breast cancer, one which is often neglected in our quick-paced college lives. Students and residents of Manipal played their role in the long fight against breast cancer.

Image Credits: Photography and Videography, TechTatva’19

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