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A Bite of the Apple―iOS Dev 101

iOS Dev 101, the first ever event by Apple Developers Group (ADG) Manipal, was a workshop which focused on teaching participants how to develop apps for iOS devices. It was held on January 19th, 2019 at the Apple Lab in the Innovation Centre. The event managed to attract a fairly large turnout. A significant portion of the participants were first-year students of MIT who were eager to learn more about iOS and its working.

Initially, the participants were taught the basics of ‘Swift’, a programming language developed by Apple for making apps for iOS devices. Later on, the participants were guided by the organisers through the process of making their first iOS app―a card game called ‘Concentration’. “The workshop was great! I got to learn a lot of new things and understood the basics. The guys at ADG were quite helpful”, said Mihir Penugonda, a participant and a first year CCE student at MIT.

“Apple Developers Group aims to provide a platform for people interested in iOS app dev and to create an ecosystem for app dev. iOS communities are not very common, so we are trying to popularise them here in Manipal”, said Shivaji Reddy, a 3rd-year Computer Science Engineering student and technical head of ADG. “ADG is working in collaboration with Apple’s University relations program. We are also supported by the Innovation Centre”, he added when asked about ADG’s affiliations.

The event gave an insight into Swift and successfully provided beginners with a sneak peek into the world of iOS app development. “The workshop was really well structured and even people new to the iOS environment were able to make a basic app. It was nice to be able to meet like minded people too” said Yash Banka, a second year Mechanical student and winner of Apple’s WWDC scholarship program who had participated in the event

Image Credits: Apple Developers Group

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