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The Beginning of a Cultural Expression—Karnataka Rajyothsava Celebrations


On 1st November, a sizeable number of Kannadigas gathered at the MV Seminar Hall to celebrate the occasion of  Karnataka Rajyotsava. Karnataka Rajyotsava marks the day the day in 1956 that the state was formed, and is an occasion to celebrate its rich culture and heritage.

The function, conducted beautifully in the Kannada language, began with a musical prayer and the state anthem Jaya Bharatha Jananiya Tanujathe. This was followed by the welcome speech greeting the chief guests of the ceremony Dr B H Venkataram Pai, the Joint Director, and Professors KS Uday Kumar and Ravidranath of the Department of Civil Engineering.

A highlight of the morning was the launch of the new Kannada cultural and literary club, NUDI, that aims to preserve the beauty of the Kannada language and the culture of its homeland. Shreyas Mahadev Dambal, a 3rd-year student at MIT and the President of NUDI, introduced the club to the audience. “The first years this semester includes a lot Kannadigas. They have supported and helped us materialise this dream. The club is open to the whole university and doesn’t require any prerequisites,” he said. The chief guests then unveiled the logo of the club.

Prof. Ravindranath then took to the stage and elaborated on the need to teach students the Kannada language. The stage was then set for the celebrations planned for the day. The gathering thumped their feet to some beautiful songs and witnessed a monodrama and a couple of memorable speeches delivered in pure Kannada. This was followed by an open quiz, the questions for which were all themed around Karnataka. The room buzzed with activity as the audience discovered fun facts about the state. “I feel proud being here, seeing all these fellow Kannada speakers. There aren’t that many of us at MIT. I’m proud to be a Kannadiga,” said Mythili Ranjan, a 3rd-year MIT student.

Image Credits: The Photography Club, Manipal

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