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State of Affairs

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s recent comments fuelled a fire, but they are also testimony to a much larger problem with the state of political discourse in India. With the fight to control the Rajya Sabha getting harder, what do we stand to lose if this problem continues?

Why The Left Keeps Losing

Despite an estimated 1.8 billion millennials in today’s world, the Left continues to lose its grip as a serious contender in big-boy politics. What can Generation Y learn from the Right?

Not Bottled Water: Fiji

A cluster of islands in the Pacific, Fiji, with its rich history, culture, and sweeping landscapes is more than just a beach getaway. It’s a small piece of paradise.

Engineering A Better World

Engineers Without Borders, Manipal organised an interactive session between the students of MIT and two scientists from the prestigious Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO). Here’s what happened.

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MUN 101

Leaders of Tomorrow held its first event of the semester, an MUN training session on the 9th of September. The training session was conducted by members of the Working Committee of the club, all of whom are veterans in the field of MUNing. The training

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