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Revels ’16: Anubhuti

Kurta-clad folk, jhola bags, and Premchand lookalikes aside, Revels’16 category Anubhuti offers myriad literary events – and all in Hindi! If you’ve always thought that English indeed is a funny language, then let Anubhuti tell you how they roll in the shayar.

Revels ’16: Xventure

Adventure enthusiasts, assemble! Here, you can try all kinds of daring tasks like wall-climbing, zip-lining, and Digital Signal Processing. Wait, the latter’s in EnC. Still fits.

Revels ’16: Footloose

Hand in hand, chest to chest or toe to toe – Footloose has something to float everyone’s boat. It’s where they come to let their hair down, shake a leg and more. From ‘Mujra’ on Gangnam Style to a routine on Hedwig’s theme, the dance category’s seen it all. Need we say more?

Revels ’16: Dramebaaz

Who are you? Who do you want to be? What’s your story? In the drama category of Revels, you can be who you want to be – whether it’s a loud-mouthed wife, a miming husband, or… scratch that. Batman, always be Batman.

Revels’16: Live Blog

And so we are at the last day of Revels. It’s been great so far. One day left and here we are covering it for you from every nook and corner of the fest. Stay tuned. Click here to catch up on the opening ceremony

The Sessionals Playlist

The Sessionals Playlist Vol. I [Even Sem ’16]

The MIT Post is back with its Sessional Playlist!

Listen in on our choice selection of music to soothe you after that 8th can of RedBull in the night.

We’ve divided the playlist into two categories, vocal and instrumental, as is tradition. So sit back, relax, and… you know the drill. Enjoy!
Curated by Aditya Chatterjee and Saketh Jandhyala

An Eerie World

Get to know a little more about how the Deep Web really works, its scary contents and eye-opening news. Kudos to Blank-101 for introducing this concept to MIT!

The Policy Child

“The removal of the One Child Policy was a gradual process ever since its inception in 1979. Relaxations were introduced in stages, before finally abandoning it on October 29th, 2015.”
An in-depth analysis of the recent abolishment of China’s One Child Policy.

MITFL Press Conference-2

Arunabh Sengupta I Staff Writer As we all know, the MITFL is right around the corner and on the 19th of January was the second press conference hosted by the league. The day’s event was hosted at two places, at the Director’s office where the

The Sessionals Playlist is back!Tune In