Irshaad | Sharad Mathur

Irshaad was Anubhuti’s much-awaited poetry event, which witnessed contestants mesmerising audiences with their poems and shayaris. Held right outside NLH, the event helped create an aura of artistry and creativity.

The first round saw the poets pitted against each other, locking horns to establish their poetic dominance. Each participant was required to present two poems–one by a renowned poet and one original piece. This round combined the timelessness of classic poems with the freshness and ingenuity of self-written poems, captivating and striking a nerve with the audience.

This was promptly followed by the finale on day two, where the winning poets from the previous day faced stiff competition and had to manifest their prowess at poetry to both the judges and the audiences. The day was packed with some brilliant performances. The event was unique in its captivating showcase of poetic talent, and it turned out to be a huge success altogether.

Antakshari | Sharad Mathur

Antakshari was one of the fun and interactive events of Revels. It was a play on the original format of the game by making it more competitive and collaborative. The first round was a written round with questions displayed one after the other. The participants had to write their responses quickly within a time limit of one hour to earn points. Once teams qualified this round, they moved on to the second round.

In this round, the questions were displayed with clues. Every clue was in some way related to the movie. This round tested each team’s ability to remember and recollect the tiny details of popular films, demonstrating the depth of their love for Bollywood. The atmosphere was a palpable amalgamation of tension and nostalgia.

All the qualifying teams made it to the final round. They then ultimately battled it out to prove their mettle as hardcore Bollywood fans, making the event a success in every form.

Tark Vitark | Arundhathi Ravi

Tark Vitark was the primary Hindi debating competition, held over two rounds on the first and second day of Revels. It was a gathering of free-willed, like-minded individuals amidst the fast-paced chaos of the fest. The atmosphere turned electrifying as fact and reason took the high ground.

In the first round, participants were directly pitted against each other as they had to speak either for or against the same topic. It also included a rebuttal round where they were allowed to cross-question their partners. The contestants were judged based on their clarity, confidence and quality of content delivered, and the best moved on to the next round.

The second round saw all participants present their opinions on the topic ‘Did Kashmir benefit from the abolition of Article 370?’. Despite such a sensitive topic, the dialogue between the contenders was a treat to watch. The debate was followed by a group discussion, where the contestants put forward their best oratory skills, heating up the round. The event ended with the participants congratulating each other and the judges praising them.

However, despite being an open platform for one to share their opinion and have an honest discussion with their peers, the event saw a low turnout. “The entire event was very well organised, and the exchange of thoughts was great. I would like to participate in more events like this,” proclaimed one enthusiastic participant.

Lehza x Abhivyakti | Shatakshi Mishra

Lehza and Abhivyakti both were organised hand-in-hand under the Anubhuti category. They were both online competitions based on creative writing. These events brought out the talented writers of Manipal and challenged their imaginative minds.

For Abhivyakti the participants were given pictures and asked to write something creative on them. The submissions took the form of both prose and poetry. Lehza, on the other hand, was a 3-day event wherein a different theme was given on all three days. The participants were subsequently made to formulate an original shayari based on the theme.

Submissions for both these events were through online forms. The turnout for both events was dubious, however. Lehza had only six participants whereas Abhivyakti only had five. Both the events were successful in terms of giving an opportunity to the creative writers of the college.

Image Credits: Photography and Videography, Revels’22

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Netflix and No Chill | Siya Kothari

Netflix and No Chill was an event for those who spent their quarantine binge-watching the Netflix library. This event was held in AB-5 from 14th April 2022 to 16th April 2022. People participated in teams of two to solve some of the riddles and play games. On the first day, the participants were presented with a pen-and-paper quiz based on some of the most popular Netflix series, which tested just how much they knew about the various characters and nuances. The shows included Peaky Blinders, Friends, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, The Office, Squid Game, and Suits, and every round featured these very shows.

The second day was even more convivial, with games like Pictionary, character roleplay, Taboo, dumb charades, passing balloons while answering trivia, and more.

An intense treasure hunt marked the conclusion of the event on the third day, which saw the teams run around frantically, following clue cards which they had to decipher beforehand and perform tasks accordingly. “The multiple games were as challenging as they were fun. They required a good deal of teamwork and synergy which only added to the difficulty while making it a unique experience,” said Arnaav Anand, a member of the winning team. In a frenzied rush to prove themselves the biggest cinephile of all, the participants had an absolute blast in this one-of-a-kind event.

Jeopardy | Siya Kothari

The art of simplicity is a puzzle of complexity. Jeopardy was organised from 13 April 2022 to 15 April 2022 in AB-5. People participated in teams of two to delve into the psyche of criminals. The first day saw participants racking their brains to solve a quiz amply packed with riddles, both crime-related and logical.

On the second day, games like bomb-defusing, crime scene emulation, signature forgery, and cryptography kept the participants on their toes as they tried to get inside the head of criminals and win the games. Teams who cleared the heated second round moved on to the third and final day comprising games like Where’s Waldo?, Wordle, an emulation of the reality show Jeopardy, a card memory game, and trivia.

“The event was really fun. I had no expectations of ever making it to the top, but we still did our best and enjoyed a lot in the process,” said Arushi Gandhi, one of the winners of this event. One of the most intriguing events, Jeopardy was a huge success as the participants dived into the world of crime.

Between The Pages | Anoushka Nag

Between The Pages was a unique event in which the participants had the opportunity to relive their favourite moments from a plethora of famous novels through interesting games. The event attracted a fair amount of interest amongst the students. The participants formed teams of two.

There were three rounds, the first being that of a literary quiz based on five different book series, in which sixteen teams participated. Four teams qualified for Round 2 called ‘Find The Imposter’—a game in which all teams except one assumed the role of one of the characters at a particular location from the books while the remaining team was the imposter who had to figure out the location. Only three teams made it to Round 3 where they played six-way chess that ended with one team left standing. The first prize was bagged by Amitash Rao and Uday Anurag, while Yash Laddha and Shaun Santosh were placed second.

The event was a congregation of literary enthusiasts. Each team was applauded and cheered on by their supporters. The ambience was lively and energetic. It was heartening to watch that in this age of modern technology and instant gratification, books continue to hold a special place in the minds of the present generation. As one member of the audience even stated, “This event presented an opportunity for us to revisit the books we had read and rekindled the passion of book-reading amongst the students.

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Lumiere | Eshaan Banga

Lumiere, the cosplay event of Revels, witnessed participants arriving in a multitude of creative costumes resembling their favourite fictional characters. In this event, players were given situations based on popular pieces of media such as Harry Potter and Game of Thrones. The vast range of costumes on display also served as a visual treat for all those present. From anime series like Naruto to pop culture hits like Money Heist and even Bollywood, there was no shortage of cosplayers who brought their A-game in terms of staying in character.

One such interesting persona who showed up was Ajay Devgun. Devgun’s dishevelled looks and quirky mannerisms left the audience cracking up at several points during the event. “I had a lot of fun doing this but really did not expect so much competition,”  said an eager participant.

All in all, Lumiere turned out to be very exciting and was thoroughly enjoyed by the judges and the viewers alike.

Courtroom | Eshaan Banga

The Courtroom was a debate contest in which participants went head to head to show off their cinema knowledge. The debaters were given really interesting and thought-provoking topics to discuss and they did not disappoint as they brought in compelling arguments, some of which left the audience visibly baffled. One participant nearly managed to convince the crowd that Wall-E is not a movie meant for children.

The event was clearly underrated as many contestants were not present, but the organisers made up for it by taking part in the event themselves and thoroughly engaging their audience. “I think that a lot of contestants were extremely talented and seemed like professional debaters,” said a viewer after the event concluded.

The dedication and efforts of the organisers proved fruitful as their quick thinking and sporting nature ensured that the event was a success despite all odds.

Movie Trivia | Prakhar Choudhary

The Movie Trivia event, organized as part of Altaebir in Revels, was a one-round quiz based on all things cinema. The questions were based on films of all genres, from the most popular franchises to the most obscure indie films, ensuring that only the biggest movie buff could claim the top spot. Participants were also asked about little-known, behind-the-scenes trivia about famous movies and actors, to test participants comprehensively on their knowledge of the world of cinema.

The quiz was conducted via Dare2Compete between 5:00 p.m. to 5:45 p.m, and participants were free to attempt the fifteen-minute quiz anytime during that period, with prizes being given out to the top three scorers.

Movie Trivia was a fun and relaxing online event, and saw a good amount of participation from the students. It was one of the first events of Revels ’22 and provided a fantastic start to the new edition of Revels.

Masquerade | Ayn Shahabal

Masquerade, an integral part of Altaebir, was conducted during Revels 2022. It saw various teams from in and around Manipal submitting their original short film creations. Masquerade, unlike most of the other Revels events, only consisted of one round. Each team consisted of around ten members. The participating teams were given time till April 12th to enter their submissions, after which the event judges assessed each film and declared the winners shortly after.

The short films were shown in an exclusive screening on April 16th. The winning title was ‘Misplaced In Monochrome’, a fastidiously creative effort from a team at the Naqaab Film-making Club of Manipal. The second place was a tie between two other fantastic titles, both again by Naqaab Films. Even though the event was conducted successfully, a lack of entries marred the popularity of the competition as more colleges were expected to participate. The crowd that showed up to the screening was also considerably less.

Naman Joshi, CC of Altaebir, commented, “As an event head, I was really happy with the broad and diverse range we got to see in our submissions. Considering so many young people are making such great movies, it looks good for the short-film scene in Manipal.”

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Haute Couture—Revels’22

Fashion Show | Shreeya Thamanam

Models graced the fashion show of Revels as they took the stage on April 14, 2022. On a pleasant Thursday evening, the runway garnered attention as models strutted to the beat of “Shinigami Eyes” by Grimes. The theme of this year’s show was Foreign Mythology. An array of prismatic wings, painted bodies, sequined dresses, confetti, striking headpieces, and dazzling euphoric makeup were displayed.

The style of makeup for many models seemed to have been heavily inspired by the hit show, Euphoria. Bold eyeliners and shadows were a staple and wonderfully complemented the seraphic energy brought by the models. An air of elegance graced their walk, even in the boldest outfits. Models switched through sub-themes by utilising various hues from blacks to blues to reds. Relevant symbolic props such as Norse Mjolnirs, Greek tridents, wavy headbands, and fairy wings were used to fit the theme with mesmerising strobe lights glittering all about.

The event was received with much enthusiasm by the audience, and the air was buzzing with excitement throughout the show. The event concluded in a grandiose manner, with esteemed judge Shruti Prakash announcing the winners and even mentioning an anecdote about her own life.

Mr and Ms Revels | Shreeya Thamanam

Entrancing were the personalities of the participants at Mr. and Ms. Revels. Held over a period of two days across three rounds, the judges tested the participants based on how they carried themselves throughout the ordeal. After a brief introduction, the first round kicked off with some steam as the participants enthusiastically and frantically answered questions in the elusive pop culture quiz.

Unique talents were showcased in Round 2, wherein the participants were provided with three valuable minutes to flaunt a skill of their choice, ranging from dance and music to public speaking. The final round proffered a questionnaire that included direct interaction with the judges. As questions related to current affairs, personality, and even personal life were posed, both brains and charm were put to the test.

Each participant exuded flair and charisma, making it a memorable event for all those present. Ultimately, the winners were decided based on the calculation of awarded scores.

Image Credits: Photography and Videography, Revels’22

Featured Image Credits: Social Media and Graphics, Revels’22


Desi Tadka x Groove | Rhea D’Souza

On the 15th of April, Footloose presented the much-awaited events of Desi Tadka and Groove. The Quadrangle stage welcomed five teams of different backgrounds, that all set the stage on fire with their moves. Although the show was delayed by nearly two hours, the dancers were able to lift up the spirits of the audience with their choreography, coordination, and competitive spirit.

The teams were not only coordinated in their every step but also in their costumes. The winning team, MIT’s very own Blitzkrieg, had matching red varsity jackets that astounded the audience and judges alike. The dance forms that evening were a showcase of tremendous talent, with participants performing contemporary, classical, and even Bhangra. Performances also included some stunts, with dancers pulling off somersaults and headstands all across the stage. One performance also depicted how mentally ill people are treated by society, leaving the judges and the audience in awe as they swayed with meaningful expressions.

A flagship event of Footloose, we are very excited to reintroduce Groove and Desi Tadka to people again,” remarked an enthusiastic Event Head. After the performances, the MCs announced that Blitzkrieg had won yet again. A crowd favourite, the dance crew had made a comeback after two years—still managing to put on their best show. Tapping to the tunes of Revels, the vibe that the competition set had left the spectators wanting more.

Two of a KindSaatwik Vasishtha

Footloose started off its Revels 2022 journey with Two of a Kind, a duo competition which featured multiple dance styles and a wild combination of dance moves that astonished the judges. The event was open to all and was conducted in the library auditorium. 

The first round was a qualification round where the duo showed their dancing calibre by performing a pre-choreographed dance of any style. This round saw tight competition among participants as they danced to their hearts’ content. The judges, after long deliberation, selected 8 teams for the second round. With the event’s highlights yet to come, the second round began.

The qualified teams were given a song to perform to—they had a total of 10 minutes to decide the parts of the song they were using and choreograph the entire dance. This format turned out to be a gem, as the participants stressfully put together ideas while performing them at the same time. While some teams succumbed to the pressure, few shone in the moments of panic and presented dances that brought the audience to their feet. 

The event saw a significant turnout and was a truly memorable one. The participants, audience, and judges left the venue elated and thrilled by the dances they witnessed. Two of a Kind turned out to be, overall, a great success.

Nach Le Ve (Eastern) Sagarika Seshagiri

Footloose’s Nach Le Ve (Eastern) was a flagship solo Eastern dance competition held on Day 3 of Revels. The contestants had 5 minutes to feature their original piece. Accepted forms ranged from Eastern classical to Middle Eastern, semi-classical, and folk. The participants put a classical spin on popular Bollywood hits, much to the audience’s delight.

Eight participants from MIT made it through the Pre-Revels auditions to compete against 8 outstation participants. “The auditorium was full and the audience was amazing and very lively,” gushed one of the organisers. 

Students from across college came to support their friends and filled the library auditorium with many a whistle and cheer.

Nach Le Ve (Western) | Diya Talwar

The Western Solo event of Nach Le Ve was undeniably an exhilarating experience for both its participants and audience. Held in the library auditorium, this event consisted of two rounds, conducted on separate daysone before and one during Revels. Participants had a maximum of three minutes each during the first round to wow the judges with their performances. Eight students from MIT made it through the first round to join participants from various other colleges for round two, where each contestant had up to five minutes to groove to a routine.

The electrifying beats and soulful rhythms played for the dancers paled in comparison to the cheers and support the audience showered on each contestant on both days. Every dancer grabbed the chance to shine on stage and showed off their musical skills to an eager, jam-packed audience that seemed more and more thrilled as each dancer took the spotlight.

Well-organised and much-awaited, this flagship event of Revels proved to be a major success.

Nrityanjali | Shatakshi Mishra

Nrityanjali, organised Footloose, was a classical solo dance event where participants showcased their extraordinary dance skills. The event was open to people outside MAHE too. There were, altogether, 14 participants, 9 from MIT, 3 from other MAHE colleges, and 3 from different cities.

There were three winners in this engaging eventone winner of the first position, while two participants were tied for second place. A talented connoisseur of the industry judged this event.

She was riveted by the performances. It was a truly beautiful event. The dancers were expressive and performed gracefully, as witnessed by the audience, who could not help but cheer at their talent, enthusiasm, and stage presence.

Street Dance BattleSaatwik Vasishtha

Footloose featured its more freestyle dance segment Street Dance BattleDown Under at the Student Plaza featuring 14 participants from various MAHE universities and NIT Surathkal. To stay true to the street dance ways, any form of dance was allowed, and it was all impromptu.

The competition witnessed two nerve-wracking rounds to decide the one street dancer to surpass them all. The first round saw pairs facing each other off for about one minute. The winners of each pair would be paired with the other winners until there were only four participants left. Tracks were played by the one and only DJ Basque as the onlookers cheered for their beloved street dancer. The second and final round saw a battle among the remaining four as their stunning moves laid an everlasting impression on the judges and the audience.

All the dances were so good the judges struggled to pick out the best. However, a winner was announced, and the crowd erupted into cheers and applause as the participants congratulated each other. Everyone who attended the event had an amazing time, and Footloose dropped the curtain on yet another outstanding competition.

Image Credits: Photography and Videography, Revels’22

Featured Image Credits: Social Media and Graphics, Revels’22


Foodathon | Madhusmita Nandan

̋Silver plates were lined up and rows of excited people were waiting. It was impossible to miss all the different types of foods stacked on the classroom desks. Even with the whole college lit up with the excitement for Revels, this was the most vicious competition there could have been.  A sea of people made its way into the classrooms, anticipating their long-awaited meals as they went through rounds of unexpected challenges filled with a diverse spectrum of foods ranging from pani-puri to burgers.

A word from the organiser:

“Since this was one of our flagship events, the whole college was looking forward to it. This was a one-of-a-kind fun event that involves eating different food items in ridiculously abstract yet hilarious ways. From eating gulab jamun with chopsticks to drinking soda without using hands, it’s a fun-loving event targeted towards enjoyment with friends.”

Foodathon was undeniably a long-awaited event, and it completely stole the show with its quirky entertainment and exciting, appetising, and novel challenges.

Scavenger Hunt | Madhusmita Nandan

The Scavenger Hunt was incredibly interesting, but not just in the way it seems. The campus was filled with a frantic search for clues. Immediately following the clear-out of the initial clues, a gladiator-like battle ensued for the next hint. A bunch of college students fighting over a piece of paper was a truly captivating sight to behold.

 A word from the organiser:

“A unique treasure hunt event organised by us is exactly as the name suggests but far from what people would expect! The participants knew how challenging, puzzling yet intriguing the clues were and they exceeded every expectation we had. Smart and efficient tasks were made to provide the participants with an opportunity to explore the hidden parts of our college and I can confidently say that it was well fulfilled. Revels ’22 gave us this golden opportunity that we will cherish for the rest of our lives.”

Sufficed to say, this event kept participants on edge as they looked for exciting clues and challenged themselves to do daring activities.

Image credits: Photography and Videography, Revels ’22


Relay Art

Samyuktha Nandineni | Staff Writer

Relay Art proved to be a challenging event, even for seasoned artists. Taking place on Day 1 of Revels, the event tested the participants’ teamwork and on-the-spot thinking. The theme remained undisclosed until the onset of the event. Contestants took part in teams of two with each member drawing for 30 mins, one after the other. However, there was one more twist to the challenge—The second artist is not informed of the theme prior to their turn. 

The participants’ strategy was vital in this event. The first batch of contestants did their best to convey the theme via their drawing, and the second attempted to complete the sketch without straying too far from the topic. The event filled the rooms of NLH with colourful excitement. It awakened the artists’ imagination and drove them to make full use of their every skill.


Siya Kothari I Staff Writer

One thing that ties together the ever-changing world and the past is art. Kalakriti’s Chitrankan was an event where people expressed their ideas and perceptions through traditional artforms like Warli, Mandalas, Madhubani, etc.

Commenting on the online nature of the event, Jas, one of the organisers, said, “The event went quite alright. It was an online event, so I didn’t see it in person. It made me realise that putting together online events is quite hard, especially art events.”

The winner of this event, Sharanya, drew a mandala art piece. “Painting and creating artworks are my leisure time hobbies. So winning the competition was an add on to one of my achievements and further motivation in the same field! It would’ve been better if it was offline, but it was quite good.”, she said, recalling her experience. 

During the lockdown, several people turned to art for comfort. This event paid tribute to the lockdown hours spent by artists, honing their skills.

Album Art

Arnav Choudhary I Staff Writer

With the prolific participation in the many events arranged under the Kalakriti category, Album Art was one of the best events. It was highly anticipated, and the precedent environment was full of glee and ambiguity. Having six participants to contend in the contest, it revolved around various forms of music.

A non-copyrighted piece of music was given to each participant, and they were expected to listen to the music and successively design an album cover for what they deciphered from the particular piece of music. Each and every participant zealously worked toward interpreting and portraying the gist and the most legible meaning of the music assigned to them in art. The time limit for the competition was an hour, with a few additional minutes as a grace period owing to the submissions.

All the submissions were just significantly aesthetic beyond the excellent barrier, but two exceptional album artworks were tantamount to perfection, and these two submissions eventually went on to win the contest. This event bought out the artist’s creativity and interpretative brains to work and will do even more so the following year.

Doodle Art

Saranya Roy I Staff Writer

Doodles are everywhere, from old mossy walls to brand new pairs of Air Jordans. For all those who loved cool ‘Pinterest’ vibes, the Doodle Art event under Kalakriti was just their cup of tea. Though it was an online event, the participants kept up the excitement with their lively and one-of-a-kind doodles.

While the theme was ‘adulting’, the CCs chose a very aesthetic word, ‘Meraki’ as the item to be doodled. It was planned to be a one-hour event, leaving the participants 10 minutes for submission. Each and every submission was edgy and original. However, the winner grabbed the attention with a fresh, raw and creative piece.

The CCs expected a larger turn-up, owing to the uniqueness of the event. Alas, due to clashes with other events, it wasn’t as big a list. The CCs and organisers are hopeful that the following year will witness more doodle enthusiasts getting to show off their skills.

Battle of Palettes

Harshith Prasoon | Staff Writer

The Battle of Palettes, held on the first and third day of revels, was an old school painting competition presented as the main flagship event under Kalakriti. Solely dedicated to art, the event consisted of three rounds, which tested the participants’ abilities in various aspects of painting.

The first round’s theme was red, and the participants were given 30 minutes to work on an art piece based on this colour. The next round had no specific motif as such—It tested the participants’ spontaneity and creativity.

The theme of the final round was ‘Illusion’. Here, participants were expected to use their imagination and express the theme through their painting, following which they had to explain their work to the judge.

One of the CCs summed up the entire event perfectly in a few words saying, “When you think of Kalakriti, you think of art. With art the thought that people get is about painting, drawing, sketching and anything that is done on a sheet of paper. So, we wanted to do an event that tested contestants on different aspects of painting. For anybody really into art and painting, this competition actually made them think and explore.”

Overall, it was a well-managed event that saw some fantastic talents exhibiting their artistic prowess.


Sagarika Seshagiri I Staff Writer

Kalakriti’s Satrangi was a Rangoli competition for the colourfully inclined. Held on Day 2 of Revels, contestants embellished the ground in front of FC-1. The participants were presented with the topic of Rebirth, a time limit, and a defined portion of the ground to use as their canvas. Working in teams of 1-3 members, the event drew the attention of passersby. Having taken place on the ethnic day of Revels, the festive mood of the event was invigorated. 

“The event was beautiful as the weather was good that day. There were some issues with colours but eventually, things were managed”, said one of the organisers of the event. The two judges present were impressed by the use of leaves and flowers by the winning team, as well as the scale of the event.


Image credits: Photography and Videography, Revels ’22

Featured Image credits: Social Media and Graphics, Revels’22


Gaming | Prince Roy

The persistent pattering between fingers and buttons, the curious crowd peering at the projector witnessing one squad’s triumph over another, and the winning team’s joyous celebration—these were some of the glimpses of the much-awaited Revels’ Gaming Event. The event took place in the MIT Innovation Centre from 10th April till 16th April, having contests for all major popular PC and mobile games ranging from Battlegrounds Mobile India and Call of Duty: Mobile to Rainbow Six Siege, Valorant, and FIFA to satisfy all the gaming enthusiasts of MIT. Around 500 students of the college participated in various solo and multiplayer gaming events with the goal of showcasing their insane and over-the-top gaming skills to everyone.

The gaming events were conducted on multiple rounds on all the days of the fest. Students formed teams of three to six members before participating in the games. FIFA players had their own consoles provided to them. Many students of MIT and other MAHE affiliated colleges came to the event arena as spectators to watch the thrilling gameplays. During gameplay, participants were constantly strategizing with their fellow teammates to outsmart their rivals.

Among all the potent teams clashing against each other for triumph, Team Iconic, Kle Tech, Flux Reganade, and Nearest Airport finally succeeded in winning the finals for R6 Siege, BGMI, CODM, and Valorant, respectively. “The adrenaline rush that persisted throughout the game was one of the most thrilling experiences I’ve had,” said Aryan Anand Gupta, the winner of FIFA. The Gaming event provided gamers with an excellent platform to exhibit and cherish their finest gaming skills and strategies, providing some exciting, nail-biting matches for the crowd to enjoy.


Locked and Loaded

Vihaan Jain | Staff Writer

The ultimate paintball showdown took place on Thursday, with teams of three pitted against each other in a battle of colours and paint. The organizers of the event had meticulously planned and arranged for all the necessary gear including paintball guns, CO2 canisters and a whole array of body armour.

The event took place in a tented zone at the football ground, with stacks of tires and upturned tables placed strategically to provide cover to the fighters. The participants ranged from fairly experienced to utter newbie players, but all of them seemed to be equally excited.

Locked and Loaded was indeed a very popular event, with more than 60 people across 20 teams participating and battling it out with colours.


Kishore Wadhwani | Staff Writer

Enigma, held throughout the four days of the fest, demanded the contestants be quick and think on their feet. ”Recreational outdoor events are thrilling and a great way to rejuvenate. At the same time, the questions test how well you know the campus.”, said Dhruv Puri, an organizer of the event.

A treasure hunt spanning across the MIT campus, it took the participants to Pavilion, Food Court, Apoorva Mess and all the way to the Children’s Park chasing clues and performing arduous but fun tasks like Sting-Pong and Binge-Eating Samosas in a race against time.

Over the course of 4 days, more than 20 teams, each comprising 4 members, competed to complete the challenge in the shortest time and the team with the lowest time of completion won a cash prize. Vansh Agarwal, a first-year B.Tech student at MIT Bangalore described the event as, “Physically tiring, mentally stimulating and an exhilarating experience. Kind of like a crash course on the Manipal campus”.


Harshith Prasoon | Staff Writer

A test of physical prowess and teamwork, Labyrinth was an exhilarating obstacle course race for teams of two held across three days. Racing against time, participants had to go through formidable but fun obstacles in a bid to clinch victory; the added bragging rights as a cherry on top motivating them to try harder.

The race began with participants hopping over pairs of tires with one of their legs tied to their partner’s. Then they had to untie themselves and crawl under a net for a certain distance. Afterwards, they had to jump over a wall, walk over balancing beams and finally sprint back to the starting point to finish the race. Teams were timed for the course and were given a penalty if they did not follow the rules.

“We had overwhelming participation. On the first day when we opened the event, we had a huge turnup. We were surprised that people came all the way to the ground, but of course extremely content to have those many people participate in our event,” said Aditi Balaji, the CC for the event.

The event was well organized and was a sporting delight as all participants competed with utmost zeal and sportsmanship.

Image credits: Photography and Videography, Revels ’22

Featured Image credits: Social Media and Graphics, Revels’22

Human Library—Revels ’22

Human Diaries

Human Diaries was by far one of the most unique events presented to patrons at Revels 2022. Under the category Human Library,  this event emulated the issuing of a book at a library and reading a story. The event took place on the first floor of FC-1, on days one and two of Revels. Five inspiring people put forward their stories for readers to peruse each day. 

“The speakers embody the role of diaries and the attendees get to read about the diary’s life”, explained an organizer. The diaries held stories ranging from self-confidence, placements and solo traveling, to successful app start-ups, being Spotify certified artists, and creating safe spaces for the LGBTQ+ community. Each one enumerated their struggles and successes in the form of a book, as the audience, playing the role of the readers, listened keenly.  The interactive and non-competitive nature was wholesome and a refreshing change from the more quotidian events Revels had to offer.

Image credits: Photography and Videography, Revels’22

Featured Image credits: Social Media and Graphics, Revels’22