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Social Entrepreneurship—Enactus Manipal

The MIT Post was in conversation with Nikhil Kumar, a third-year MIT student who is the President of the Manipal Chapter of Enactus and Pratiksha Das, the PR Head, as they explained Enactus’s aim to foster entrepreneurial ideas that have profound social impacts and contribute to the community in a meaningful way.

Embracing Queer Love—Then and Now

Homosexuality was criminalised in India during the 19th century. The history of India’s myths was lost when people rewrote mythical tales to fit their convenience. Some of the stories conveyed stories quite contrary to those in the myths. These exemplary pieces of work portrayed ancient India as an extremely accepting and tolerant place, with spirituality deep-rooted into its culture.

Education—Evolution and Necessity for Radical Refinement

Knowledge is a limitless domain, and for its fruitful acquisition, one must be guided properly. Education systems come in handy in such scenarios—they involve the flow of education, from teacher to pupil. Even though this unidirectional transmission has remained the same for aeons, as one navigates through time, one understands that the very purpose of education and its propagation methods have evolved and must continue to do so.

LGBTQ+ Activists—Advocates Against Adversaries

The LGBTQ+ community has borne the brunt of societal ignorance and discrimination for a long time. However, a few brave people decided to stand up to this injustice, becoming a beacon of inspiration for others in the fight for their rights. History, time and again, reminds us of our mistakes as a society and provides us with the strength and motivation to ameliorate our misdoings through these mettlesome personas.

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