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The Influence of Sportspersons—How Much Power Do They Hold?

Everyone has a right to free speech—our society functions in a way where everyone and anyone can express their opinion. However, what happens when a select few individuals hold the power to sway the masses. Sportspersons, in particular, amass massive fan followings from their charismatic personalities and on-field displays. History shows that these beings usually refrain from interfering with politics. However, the relationship between sports and politics is rapidly changing—sportspeople are voicing their opinions and taking strong stances. An inevitable question arises: How much power do they hold?

The Fall of Western Democracy—The US Capitol Attack

On 6th January, the world witnessed the culmination of the recklessness of former POTUS, Donald Trump. As pro-Trump supporters breached the United States Capitol building, crucial questions were raised regarding the strength and future of American democracy. Read on to learn more about the Capitol breach and its consequences.

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