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Tech Tatva’15: One For The Road

“A racing car is an animal with a thousand adjustments.” – Mario Andretti Fuel RC has remained an extremely sought after and coveted event since its inception. They put their show on the road with quite a thundering start on the first day of TechTatva’15

TechTatva’15: Lights Will Guide You To The Prize

Robotrek’s event Catch the Light witnessed little robots following light-trails pitted against time. Despite the massive delay of about one and a half hours, the event remained popular with both, the contestants and the crowd watching. The autonomous bots, fitted with light sensors were literally supposed to ‘catch the light’ and make it through a plywood maze guided by flashlights. The quickest to do so was to be announced the winner. So, lights will literally guide the bots home.

TechTatva’15: Mech-A-Nice Gun

This year, the theme for TechTatva remained ‘frugal innovation’ or ‘jugaad’, a term possibly every Indian is familiar with. Frugal innovation is basically bending the rules to find an innovative fix to a problem. This definitely was kept in mind while the planning of the

Decoding The Decoding

The agenda of Blank 101’s event ‘Cipher 101’ was to cover the history of cryptography as well as how it works today. Trust Blank 101 to pick the most fascinating motifs and present them in an almost fun, coherent manner. Dive into the world of codes, algorithms and Enigma. Yes, Enigma from the movie Imitation Game.

Vertigo-Day 1

For all the adventure junkies in Manipal, Red-X in collaboration with Nisarg had conducted a two day event -Vertigo in the MIT campus. Through Zorbing, rappelling, zip lining and archery, Vertigo helped in bringing out the wild side of the students. Here is a detailed report of Day-1.

Draw Jopping! – Revels’15

The last page of any student’s notebook is never blank. Rough math work, lyrics of Uptown Funk and most importantly doodles of professors, of friends, or just random tornadoes and whirlpools. Have you ever wondered how that ordinary physics lecture transformed beautifully in your mind

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