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First Stop: Leh

Known for its serene beauty and breathtaking scenery, Leh is the first destination in our travelogue series. As we take you through this virtual journey across the mountains and through the valleys, we hope it appeals to the traveller within you!

With Love, from Manipal – Daan Utsav ’16: Part 2

Daan Utsav, a nationwide ‘festival of giving’, sees enormous participation every year from all sections of the society. The fest bypasses all barriers of communal, religion, and regional divide to vocalize the concept of charity and giving-back. Here’s what happened over the last few days of Daan Utsav.

TechTatva’16: Vedanth 6.0

An eye for an eye, an Arduino for a raspberry pi. Every year, Vedanth sees a battle of some of the best minds of MIT, Manipal as they exhibit their months of hard work and brainstorming as one consolidated innovation. This year round, the standard of the projects sky rocketed, as professors marveled at the inventiveness of their students.

Together for a Change

If the health of the working class is compromised, our general routines could come to a complete standstill. Here’s how we Manipal-ites showed our gratitude to this sect and told them we care.

Rhythm Divine

When words on the lip rhymed with the beat
When the body swayed with the rhythm
When the mind and heart made peace
The music reached the soul.

And that, was what M.A.F.I.A managed to do with their Acoustic Night.


Startup Village, an initiative to guide the entrepreneurs of tomorrow, recently showed up in MIT to host a seminar on start-ups and everything that goes on in the background to make them big. Read on to find out more about this wonderful venture.