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An Insight Into Stock Market Investing

The stock market is an interesting arena where decisions can affect one’s pockets significantly. The profit or loss from a stock does not rely solely on the luck of the buyer. It also depends on several factors that need to be kept in mind before purchasing or selling stocks to get the anticipated profit. Read the article to find out the analysis involved while investing in the stock market.

India’s GDP Contraction—Myths and Realities

The pandemic has halted financial growth across the globe. Economies—from the most prosperous ones to the ones growing the fastest—have found it challenging to satisfy the needs of their citizens. People across India have been reeling under the recent statistics released by the government that claimed a 23.9 per cent contraction of the GDP. This article busts the various myths surrounding this contraction and its relevance to India’s economic health.

A Dance With the Dragon—India’s Amendment to the FDI Policy

China’s FDI has grown five-fold since 2014 and, as of December 2019, its cumulative investment in India exceeded $8 billion. On 17 April 2020, India modified its FDI policy such that all countries sharing a border will have to gain government approval before investing in a home business. Understandably, this caused quite an uproar on the world’s economic stage.