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Automative Aspirations – RoboManipal

From the adorable Wall-E to the murderous Terminator, robots are a fascination to all of us. MIT’s very own RoboManipal live the dream by building a new robot every year, apart from the several other automation projects. We wish them the best of luck in their performance at the prestigious ABU Robocon.

Seeing Red : YouTube-101

With YouTube-101, Blank-101 brought to the spotlight the popular video-sharing service, with lesser-known facts and a basic introduction to the various aspects of the service

Dhol Baje’16

It doesn’t matter if there was more EDM than Garbha on Dandiya night. The students at Dhol Baje ’16, The Rotaract Club’s annual event, had a blast grooving to the beats, regardless.