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Dance Gavin Dance—Band Review

A band that has done it all, Dance Gavin Dance have been active in the Post-Hardcore scene for over a decade. They have experienced volatility and glory in equal measure. They are quirky, talented, and make music that is absolutely magic. Take a deep dive into their history, their success, and the mad music-making formula that has given them an air-tight discography consisting of nine albums, two live albums, an EP, and instrumental versions of them all. This band is worth checking out, and this article gives you a rundown of who they are and what they do.

Chords of Chaos—Ice Nine Kills: Band Review

In an era of synth and electro-pop dominated music, Ice Nine Kills, nearly two decades after their formation, have finally started gaining momentum in the mainstream. In this article, we follow their journey, discover their musical genius, and see their plans for the future.


Establishing itself as a unique limited-participation event, Lucrum pandered to business enthusiasts in a highly indulgent and interactive experience like no other wherein they stepped into the shoes of a billionaire for two days.

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