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Augmenting Reality—KPMG Ideation Challenge


The KPMG Ideation Workshop witnessed a jam-packed Library Auditorium during its workshop for their Ideation Challenge. It was a competition organised by one of the big four financial audit giants—student teams were required to submit their ideas on how the use of augmented reality could help solve a business issue in any organisation of their choice.

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The auditing giant selected seven Universities from all over the world to set up the Ideation Workshop. It aimed to finalise the teams, familiarise the students with the rules of the competition, and gave tips on how to go about working on their ideas. The workshop was organised by three people from KPMG. They received a whopping 208 registrations from MIT—a number higher than all the seven countries it’s been established in. The students were explained, in detail, how to work on their projects.

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It was an incredibly interactive session, and the organisers made sure that the participants were on the same page as them by patiently answering all their questions. There were plenty of activities that the participants engaged in during the course of the workshop. The activities included some team activities, like role-playing, that helped members get to know each other better.

The room buzzed as each team discussed and eliminated ideas in an attempt to finalise the best ones. The contestants were pumped and thoroughly brainstormed for about thirty minutes. The fact that only one team from each country would be shortlisted pushed the participants to give it their best.

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The two teams with the top ideas will get to develop their projects alongside augmented reality experts who will guide them throughout the implementation of their ideas. The contestants were thrilled to know that the winning team would get an opportunity to present their idea at the KPMG Global D&A Summit in France on an all-expenses-paid trip.

All the students in the room hoped to accomplish the feat and showcase their mettle at an international stage. Moreover, it would add immense value to their resumes, added one of the participants. He also believed that irrespective of the result, the experience would be extremely beneficial.

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