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Art Speaks—A Seminar on Art, Culture, and Society


On the afternoon of Saturday, 24th March 2018 , MAHE students gathered at NLH 103 for the Annual Seminar on Art, Culture and Society held by the Centre for Cultural Studies. Students from various disciplines presented their papers on a wide range of topics including movies and feminism.

Undergraduate, post-graduate, and PhD students from MIT, the School of Communication, and the Department of Commerce presented a total of ten papers. Dr Somashekara Bhat, the Associate Director of MIT, Dr Sandeep Shenoy, Director of DoC, and Dr Varadesh Hiregange, Director of Centre for Gandhian and Peace Studies were the three Chief Guests. They were welcomed with flowers and a short note of appreciation from the convener, Dr Unni Krishnan K.

Credits: Akshat Joshipura

The session began with a short keynote from Dr Unni Krishnan K, who emphasised the importance of the study of humanities in any professional’s life, irrespective of their field of study. Following this, Dr Somashekara Bhat, in his short speech, shed light on the importance of arts in an engineer’s life. He later added that exposing students to arts helps open up several doors for them in the future when it comes to higher studies or placements. Next, Dr Sandeep Shenoy spoke along similar lines on the importance of arts in any student’s life, saying it would help them think from a different perspective. Dr Varadesh Hiregange then took to the podium to talk about the inception of the School of Communication.

The paper presentation then commenced, in which each student had fifteen minutes to present their papers. Many speakers gave long speeches that extended beyond their time limits. There were a couple of presenters who managed to capture the audience’s attention with their brilliant oratory. All in all, it was evident that these students had put a considerable amount of effort into writing some incredibly insightful papers.

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