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The Art of Independent Filmmaking—Naqaab

Naqaab Filmmaking organised its event, The Art of Independent Filmmaking, on 25th October, giving cinematography enthusiasts an insight into the world of independent filmmaking. The turnout was admirable with plenty of people showing up for the interaction, despite the torrential downpour. The event covered all aspects of filmmaking, from defining the jobs of cinematographers and directors to the making of different new generation lenses.

Ishaan Pilar, the cinematography head of Naqaab, gave a talk explaining the different types of lenses, various angles of cinematography,  shutter speed, frame rate, shooting using FPV drones, proper use of lighting system, and the use of blurs to enhance the beauty of videos. The audience listened intently as the speaker threw in a few interesting pieces of information, for instance, the fact that the IMAX version of Avengers was shot on a reel. The presentation included a  clip from the film ‘Baby-Driver’, which was the ideal example of finding blind spots and using them for cutting shots and adding new ones. Ishaan Pilar went on to say, “I am not a very good speaker, but I’ll be a very good teacher. Cinema is a language, and we are its speakers. Honestly, there are no rules in filmmaking if you know all the rules”.

The meet ended with a list of fifty humorous but important rules for the audience, such as rain can only be seen on a screen if you backlight it. The audience actively participated in the question and answer round. The event was informative for all those interested in filmmaking and Naqaab intends to soon come up with another talk on the perks of editing.

Images by : Naqaab Filmmaking

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