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Irshaad | Sharad Mathur

Irshaad was Anubhuti’s much-awaited poetry event, which witnessed contestants mesmerising audiences with their poems and shayaris. Held right outside NLH, the event helped create an aura of artistry and creativity.

The first round saw the poets pitted against each other, locking horns to establish their poetic dominance. Each participant was required to present two poems–one by a renowned poet and one original piece. This round combined the timelessness of classic poems with the freshness and ingenuity of self-written poems, captivating and striking a nerve with the audience.

This was promptly followed by the finale on day two, where the winning poets from the previous day faced stiff competition and had to manifest their prowess at poetry to both the judges and the audiences. The day was packed with some brilliant performances. The event was unique in its captivating showcase of poetic talent, and it turned out to be a huge success altogether.

Antakshari | Sharad Mathur

Antakshari was one of the fun and interactive events of Revels. It was a play on the original format of the game by making it more competitive and collaborative. The first round was a written round with questions displayed one after the other. The participants had to write their responses quickly within a time limit of one hour to earn points. Once teams qualified this round, they moved on to the second round.

In this round, the questions were displayed with clues. Every clue was in some way related to the movie. This round tested each team’s ability to remember and recollect the tiny details of popular films, demonstrating the depth of their love for Bollywood. The atmosphere was a palpable amalgamation of tension and nostalgia.

All the qualifying teams made it to the final round. They then ultimately battled it out to prove their mettle as hardcore Bollywood fans, making the event a success in every form.

Tark Vitark | Arundhathi Ravi

Tark Vitark was the primary Hindi debating competition, held over two rounds on the first and second day of Revels. It was a gathering of free-willed, like-minded individuals amidst the fast-paced chaos of the fest. The atmosphere turned electrifying as fact and reason took the high ground.

In the first round, participants were directly pitted against each other as they had to speak either for or against the same topic. It also included a rebuttal round where they were allowed to cross-question their partners. The contestants were judged based on their clarity, confidence and quality of content delivered, and the best moved on to the next round.

The second round saw all participants present their opinions on the topic ‘Did Kashmir benefit from the abolition of Article 370?’. Despite such a sensitive topic, the dialogue between the contenders was a treat to watch. The debate was followed by a group discussion, where the contestants put forward their best oratory skills, heating up the round. The event ended with the participants congratulating each other and the judges praising them.

However, despite being an open platform for one to share their opinion and have an honest discussion with their peers, the event saw a low turnout. “The entire event was very well organised, and the exchange of thoughts was great. I would like to participate in more events like this,” proclaimed one enthusiastic participant.

Lehza x Abhivyakti | Shatakshi Mishra

Lehza and Abhivyakti both were organised hand-in-hand under the Anubhuti category. They were both online competitions based on creative writing. These events brought out the talented writers of Manipal and challenged their imaginative minds.

For Abhivyakti the participants were given pictures and asked to write something creative on them. The submissions took the form of both prose and poetry. Lehza, on the other hand, was a 3-day event wherein a different theme was given on all three days. The participants were subsequently made to formulate an original shayari based on the theme.

Submissions for both these events were through online forms. The turnout for both events was dubious, however. Lehza had only six participants whereas Abhivyakti only had five. Both the events were successful in terms of giving an opportunity to the creative writers of the college.

Image Credits: Photography and Videography, Revels’22

Featured Image Credits: Social Media and Graphics, Revels’22

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