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An Evening with the Arts


Image Courtesy – Ahava House Media

On most days, and often to the dismay of their roommates and neighbours, MIT students are forced to restrict their inner pop stars to the confines of their showers. The 24th of September, however, was notably different: The Music and Fine Arts club hosted a Karaoke Evening open to students of all years, as part of its publicity and membership drive. The early evening sky was a particularly vibrant shade of peach as Kamath Circle crackled with it’s usual post-sessional hustle and bustle.

The event kicked off with an enjoyable rendition of Ed Sheeran’s modern anthem, ‘Thinking Out Loud’. This was followed by a string of rock, pop, and Bollywood classics performed with varying degrees of accuracy. Initial indifference was quick to dissipate, and a crowd quickly gathered as familiar chords and melodies echoed across a packed KC. The proceedings of the evening were mostly unhindered, except for a couple of power cuts; too mundane an occurrence in recent times to warrant a reaction from the audience.

Next came an electrifying performance by the Blitzkrieg dance crew, with the dancers blanketed by a thick wall of observers along the perimeter of the basketball court. KC stood transfixed as their peers capered around to catchy songs with unquestionable control and agility. Gasps and wolf-whistles were frequent as impressive feats of coordinated athleticism were pulled off in quick succession. As far as Blitzkrieg’s reputation for excellence was concerned, the proof was in the pudding, and the pudding seemed to be defying gravity.

The evening demonstrated the vital importance for extra-curricular events to be conducted in a casual and non-competitive manner, as opposed to the tense atmosphere often associated with Revels, where each round is followed by an elimination of participants. Tuhin Bhattacharya, Music Head at MAFIA and a frequent contributor to the music scene in Manipal, stated the goal of the evening was to “give the first years a feel of the cultural activities of the college, and spread awareness about the club and its upcoming general body meeting.” He also expressed the significance of encouraging first years to help organize club events. Overall, the evening was immensely enjoyable, and it was refreshing to see two of MIT’s most prominent clubs promote themselves in a non-intrusive manner. Perhaps the age of handing out flyers and pleading with freshmen to attend events is, finally, coming to an end.



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