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Antithesis | Tanmay Goswami

This year Ampersand began its run with Antithesis, an event based on the greatest speeches in history. The participants were given a script of an exemplary orator’s famous speech and were expected to refute the premise of the given speech. The competition was held in online mode on Google Meet to allow outstation contestants to participate. “I thought the event brought out the best of oration against the words of the best of orators in everyone that took part,” said Ronak Singh, one of the event heads.

With fierce extempores loaded with substance and principles, one team was chosen the winner amidst loud cheers and thunderous applause. Despite lesser participation than what was expected, the event was incredibly fascinating and satisfactory, and overall an entertaining experience for everyone involved in it.

Turncoat | Eshaan Banga

Turncoat was one of the first events that took place at Revels ’22. It was a debate with a twist—Participants were given a topic 2 minutes before their turn and were required to change their stance in the middle of the argument.

Things got interesting when a few participants became so convincing while talking both for and against that they left the judges and audience confused. Interesting arguments were strewn across the stage, increasing the amount of tension in the air. Nevertheless, some participants were quite nervous and could not deliver as well as others. The highlight of the event was when a bewildered participant gave his speech and immediately realised that he had entered the wrong event. He stormed off furiously and caused quite a stir, although he publicly apologised for it later on. The entire incident was quite uncanny.

Overall, Turncoat was eventful and entertaining, with everyone involved having a delightful time. The participants did a great job, and the organisers made sure the event ran smoothly throughout.

Wordsworth | Sagarika Seshagiri

Wordsworth under Ampersand was a story writing competition with an unconventional spin on it. Contestants were expected to weave a story on the spot as a word was released to them every 30 seconds. The absence of any of the presented terms in the submitted story led to disqualification. The event concluded in under 30 minutes and was conducted in online mode. It was held on Day 1 and Day 2 of Revels.

The event attracted the attention of all writing enthusiasts with its exquisite challenge. Six contestants advanced to the final round out of the twelve that participated. “I was happy I made it through to the second round; it gave me a confidence boost”, commented Aparna, a second-year from MIT who took part in the event. The event tested the consistency in the flow of thought of the contestants and their ability to make sense of disconnected words.

“The sheer amount of creativity, spontaneity, and ingenuity the participants showed in just 30 minutes was surprising and commendable”, responded Sristi, a CC for Ampersand. It unanimously turned out to be an engaging event and was conducted seamlessly.

Aircrash | Tanmay Goswami

With Aircrash, Ampersand nudged the participants to delve into the life of a fictitious or non-fictitious character assigned to them. In an exciting twist, a hypothetical air crash was simulated, and each participant was expected to make a case for themselves.

The event saw progressively iconic characters like Adolf Hitler and Mother Teresa sparring to convince the judges as to why they deserved to be given the sole parachute to survive the imminent plane crash instead of their opponent. In an intricate display of wordcraft and manipulation of moral arguments and logic, the two rounds of the event enjoyed good participation.

Overall, Aircrash was heaped with praises for its coherent organisation and was deemed a success in terms of quality of debate.

Reportage | Rhea Dsouza

Ampersand’s Reportage was conducted on two days of Revels, the 13th and the 15th. An invigorating event, Reportage consisted of two rounds, the first of which was an online photography event. Interested participants formed teams of 2-3 and were given an opportunity to let their pictures speak for them—the only rule being that they had to tell a story as a reporter would; the themes were ‘Night Life’, ‘Manipal Localities’, and ‘Nostalgia’. Participants were instructed to send in their submissions to a link, after which the judges determined the winner of the event by eyeing the creativity behind the photography, the quality of the picture, the portrayal of the subject, and the relevance of the theme.

The photograph above is just one of the many stunning entries made by participants. While the cameramen and their muses clicked well, the participants visibly made sure to not lose focus.

Round 2 of Reportage was a murder mystery. The top five teams from the previous round were made to look for clues placed strategically around the campus. Upon digging for their hints, the contestants were asked to delineate a plausible report summarising the events of the murder, based on the props they found. However, their primary opponent was time, as the players struggled to make stories out of their own findings after accumulating all the props. A truly adventurous event, Reportage was undoubtedly a success as the participants’ enthusiasm made it a memorable affair for all.

Image Credits: Photography and Videography Department of Revels’22

Featured Image Credits: Social Media and Graphics, Revels’22

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