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Lumiere | Eshaan Banga

Lumiere, the cosplay event of Revels, witnessed participants arriving in a multitude of creative costumes resembling their favourite fictional characters. In this event, players were given situations based on popular pieces of media such as Harry Potter and Game of Thrones. The vast range of costumes on display also served as a visual treat for all those present. From anime series like Naruto to pop culture hits like Money Heist and even Bollywood, there was no shortage of cosplayers who brought their A-game in terms of staying in character.

One such interesting persona who showed up was Ajay Devgun. Devgun’s dishevelled looks and quirky mannerisms left the audience cracking up at several points during the event. “I had a lot of fun doing this but really did not expect so much competition,”  said an eager participant.

All in all, Lumiere turned out to be very exciting and was thoroughly enjoyed by the judges and the viewers alike.

Courtroom | Eshaan Banga

The Courtroom was a debate contest in which participants went head to head to show off their cinema knowledge. The debaters were given really interesting and thought-provoking topics to discuss and they did not disappoint as they brought in compelling arguments, some of which left the audience visibly baffled. One participant nearly managed to convince the crowd that Wall-E is not a movie meant for children.

The event was clearly underrated as many contestants were not present, but the organisers made up for it by taking part in the event themselves and thoroughly engaging their audience. “I think that a lot of contestants were extremely talented and seemed like professional debaters,” said a viewer after the event concluded.

The dedication and efforts of the organisers proved fruitful as their quick thinking and sporting nature ensured that the event was a success despite all odds.

Movie Trivia | Prakhar Choudhary

The Movie Trivia event, organized as part of Altaebir in Revels, was a one-round quiz based on all things cinema. The questions were based on films of all genres, from the most popular franchises to the most obscure indie films, ensuring that only the biggest movie buff could claim the top spot. Participants were also asked about little-known, behind-the-scenes trivia about famous movies and actors, to test participants comprehensively on their knowledge of the world of cinema.

The quiz was conducted via Dare2Compete between 5:00 p.m. to 5:45 p.m, and participants were free to attempt the fifteen-minute quiz anytime during that period, with prizes being given out to the top three scorers.

Movie Trivia was a fun and relaxing online event, and saw a good amount of participation from the students. It was one of the first events of Revels ’22 and provided a fantastic start to the new edition of Revels.

Masquerade | Ayn Shahabal

Masquerade, an integral part of Altaebir, was conducted during Revels 2022. It saw various teams from in and around Manipal submitting their original short film creations. Masquerade, unlike most of the other Revels events, only consisted of one round. Each team consisted of around ten members. The participating teams were given time till April 12th to enter their submissions, after which the event judges assessed each film and declared the winners shortly after.

The short films were shown in an exclusive screening on April 16th. The winning title was ‘Misplaced In Monochrome’, a fastidiously creative effort from a team at the Naqaab Film-making Club of Manipal. The second place was a tie between two other fantastic titles, both again by Naqaab Films. Even though the event was conducted successfully, a lack of entries marred the popularity of the competition as more colleges were expected to participate. The crowd that showed up to the screening was also considerably less.

Naman Joshi, CC of Altaebir, commented, “As an event head, I was really happy with the broad and diverse range we got to see in our submissions. Considering so many young people are making such great movies, it looks good for the short-film scene in Manipal.”

Image Credits: Photography and Videography, Revels’22

Featured Image Credits: Social Media and Graphics, Revels’22

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