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Painting with happy hearts: AIESEC’S Balakalakar


‘Balakalakar’ is a well-renowned event held by AIESEC all over India. It revolves around showing children and a group of volunteers a glimpse of how the folks in AIESEC spread feelings of happiness and unity. AIESEC‘s Local Committee in Manipal finally revived the tradition, paving the way for orphans, and students in MAHE alike, to have fun. Igniting the spirit of togetherness and love, the VGT ground in MIT saw a remarkable wave of enthusiasm and excitement which can’t simply be put into words.

There were around 80 enthusiastic orphans from three different orphanages situated in Manipal and Udupi. From transportation to food, everything was looked after by the organisation itself. The event started at 4 pm and ended at 9:30 pm. A group of volunteers from MAHE were selected to look after the children and also, to see to it that the event proceeds smoothly. Judging by the smiles on everyone’s faces, it certainly had! The volunteers were each given a certificate for their humble gesture.

The meaning behind the name ‘Balakalakar’ is creativity and the latent treasures in every child. They started off by a competition of art and craft, followed by snacks.

A lot of budding artists were seen among the little souls. In between, there were jive sessions with popular English and Hindi songs resounding from the mammoth speakers.

Volunteers connected beautifully with each and every child,  and made the event worthwhile. The day ended with a wholesome dinner and another jive session just because nobody could watch those kids leave without a final dance! AIESEC had indeed coined together every little reason of joy they could, carving a lane in the memory the little ones could always stroll down for the rest of their lives.


Photo Credits : The Photography Club, MIT Manipal

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