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AdmitKard Webinar

Admit Kard, a Noida based start-up conducted a free, live webinar–COVID 19: Impact on Abroad Education–to sensitize students on the various effects of the pandemic on academic opportunities abroad. The registered students were to attend the webinar between 6.00 pm to 7.00 pm on 11 July 2020 via a link sent to their E-mails.

Rachit Agarwal, the co-founder of Admit Kard, an alumnus of IIIT Allahabad and IIM Calcutta, was the guest speaker at the webinar hosted by Pragya Sharma, a member of Admit Kard. After a brief introduction which included a video session on the benefits of Admit Kard, Mr Agarwal took questions from the hundreds of students who attended the webinar.

The audience posed questions ranging from their fears about the pandemic disrupting opportunities abroad to the scope of various fields in universities of their choice. A significant cause of concern amongst the participants was the resumption of the intake to foreign universities for the upcoming term. Mr. Agarwal reassured them that universities across the world are taking adequate steps to put forth concrete solutions in the coming months. He further advised them to aim for 2021 as a realistic target of going abroad for higher studies.

Throughout the interactive session, Mr. Agarwal stressed the need for an inclusive learning environment which can lead to the overall development of a student in any university. He also cautioned students that several factors, including the subject of study, specialization, and working conditions, should be considered before settling for a particular country.

Mr. Agarwal and Ms. Sharma made an effort to answer all the questions posed by the students. In addition to answering their queries, they also doled out useful statistics and information. One of the participants of the webinar, Prakriti Parihar, a student of MIT, Manipal, said, “Overall, Admit Kard is a great one-stop solution to all our doubts regarding studying abroad and are very proficient consultants.”

As a bonus to all those who participated in the event, Admit Kard gave the attendees access to a mentorship programme worth Rs. 1999 free of cost. This initiative will urge more students to become a part of an ever-growing network of students and mentors across the globe. The live webinar was a successful attempt at allaying the fears of the Batch of 2020, which is seeking newer opportunities for their higher studies. Such ventures in times of crisis will surely help students plan their careers, with adequate guidance from experienced mentors, while coping with the changing times.

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