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Adding Life to Colours or Colours to Life?

Amidst the pandemic on July 5th, The Photography Club, Manipal took over to YouTube live videos to conduct a colour theory workshop. The main speaker of the seminar was Kota Teja, the head of the club. The workshop glorified the necessity of learning colours because colours deeply affect one’s perspective, reflect moods, and convey messages. The workshop focused on clarifying the differences between saturation, luminance, and hue and how these usually affect a photograph.

He then went on the explain the primary colours—blue, red, and yellow and the secondary colours—orange, green, and violet. The workshop witnessed a huge turnout. Even though it was a digital event, the attendees enjoyed the seminar as the speaker explained his points with an array of enchanting pictures that the members of his club had snapped or ones he had collected from movies. He gave many tips on deciding the ideal colour for a photograph.

The speaker then explained how the colour red is used to catch attention and display emotions of agony or anger. Orange to display a happy scenario or something that signifies friendship. Yellow is used as a sign of warning. Green perfectly showcases the diversion from real life and sterility. It gives out an ominous feeling. Blue induces a sense of calmness, peace, innocence, and purity. Purple and pink signify cool, otherworldly vibes, and extravagance.

Throughout the workshop, the people were glued to their laptop screens, trying not to miss a word the speaker was saying as if they were in a trance. “There are no rules for analyzing colour theories. These are just guidelines that we have associated. The only way to get better at deciding colours is to work on identifying colours in real life to build up a visual vocabulary. Observation is the key to creating art, and honestly, I feel observing more is underrated”, said Kota Teja. The talk was followed by a short question and answer session where the attendees asked questions with great enthusiasm exploring the vast arena of colours and its contradicting theories. The event was a massive success as the attendees gave out large signs of satisfaction and approval in the comment section.

Featured Image Credits: The Photography Club, Manipal 

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