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Acoustic Night

The music rang through the crowd beautifully at the Jam Night on Saturday, creating such a perfect atmosphere, that even the overcast sky didn’t dare ruin it by raining.
MAFIA, the music and fine arts club of MIT, hosted their first jam night of the semester on the 29th of August, and they definitely got off to a good start. The participants were allotted slots on a first come first serve basis during the online registrations and were provided a maximum of two minutes to set up their instruments and five minutes to perform. A minimum of 3 band members and a maximum of 6 were allowed.
Held at KC, right outside the Food Court, the event attracted quite a large crowd as the participants sang to their heart’s content and kept the crowd enthralled. In spite of limiting the brand of music to be played in the evening to acoustic, the performers seemed unperturbed as they enthralled the audience to a variety of songs. The event started off with an acoustic version of the classic song, My Hero eventually leading to many classic Hindi songs , for the old fashioned.  One of the participants played a variety of songs on his flute, including the theme song of The Good, Bad and Ugly. One band didn’t even require drums, as one of their band members beat boxed to their rendition of Watch Over You perfectly.
The Reapers, a dance group in MIT managed to add some flavor to the night by entertaining the crowd by dancing to the tunes of songs like Uptown Funk, DJ wale Babu, Jumme ki raat, Gentleman, and the crowd favourite, The Ketchup Song.

Although the freshers were not allowed to perform in the Jam Night, the sheer number of students who turned up to watch the show was testimony to the fact that Manipal has always been receptive to all kinds of music.Since Jam Night isn’t a competition, it provides a great platform for the musicians of MIT to showcase their talent in front of their friends and batch mates, under a starry night. Sitting on the grass around the Food Court, swaying and humming to the songs and clapping to the beats made my Saturday evening a memorable one, one which I look forward to having multiple times this semester. The entire event was carried out without a glitch and was handled beautifully by MAFIA.