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A Sporting Evening

The Sports Club had a well-deserved day to itself with the award distribution ceremony for several competitions organized by it over the course of the semester.

The MIT Football League’s Board Transfer set the ball rolling. The newly appointed Chairman of the Board, Adnan Fatehi gave an account of the objectives and new initiatives that the Board plans to undertake in order to achieve what has come to be known as Vision 2020. MITFL plans to return next season with twice the fervour and enthusiasm.


Director Dr G.K. Prabhu assured appropriate funding for upcoming events to be organised by the Sports Club. “The outgoing board of MITFL has achieved more than what was ever expected of them, and have made the Football League a huge success. Every Sunday morning, I could hear the crowd cheer every time a goal was scored- and the continued good reception for the League fills me with immense joy”, he added.

 The reins of the event were then handed over to the founder of MIT Cricket League- Vansh Mahajan, who provided the audience with a comprehensive recount of the entirety of MITCL, right from its inception to the victory of the Ninjas over the Samurais.  After the crowning of the Ninjas, led by Captain Abhishek Gerard Frances, as the winners of the first ever MIT Cricket League, some exceptional players were presented with certificates and medals acknowledging their consistent good performance throughout the tournament. These players were:

Keshav Taneja- Highest Run-getter, Maximum Number of Sixes, Best Batsman

Saivishal Badri- Economical Bowler

Romil Rajakrishna- Man of the Tournament

Later in the event, prizes were also given to the winners and runners-up of the Intersection Basketball Tournament held for the first years – section J and section D respectively. Awards were presented to the winners and runners up of the triathlon conducted that very day. Also awarded, were the winner and runners up of the chess competition.

 MIT is brimming with sporting talent, as made evident by the winners of all the awards. With ample support from the college, the growth of leagues like the MITFL and MITCL, along with the various events organised by the Sports Club, promises to further improve the opportunities for these talented sportsmen to showcase their skills.

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