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A Midsummer Night’s Camp – The National Cadet Corps’ Annual Night Training Camp

With the year drawing to an end for the cadets of the 4 KAR ENGR COY NCC, the senior cadets who are all set to leave the cadre after 3 years, and the next batch of cadets ready to take on larger responsibilities, the National Cadet Corps’ Annual Night Training Camp was an event that aimed to bring everyone together for one last time, this academic year.


Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, Delta,and Echo
Picture Credits: Sgt. Sourabh Khatri

The NCC Night Camp, organized by the Company on the 19th of March, 2016, had over forty cadets in attendance, along with the Commanding Officer, Lt. Col. SV Patwardhan, the Associate NCC Officer, Dr. Poornachandra Pundit and all the PI Staff who guided the cadets through the activities that army soldiers carry out when they have to set up camp in an uninhabited area, during a crisis situation. Divided into 5 sections, namely Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, Delta,and Echo, the camp had the cadets learning aspects of night navigation, star and constellation identification, tent pitching, and trench digging, along with special details assigned for cooking supper and sentry duties.

The Director being served by Section Echo's Cdt. Vishwas

The Director being served by Section Echo’s Cdt. Vishwas

The events, that well surpassed midnight, were well received by the enthusiastic and tireless participation of the cadets. This pleased everyone including the Director of MIT, Dr. GK Prabhu, who visited the camp to share a few moments with the entire cadre. Speaking to the group, the Director also narrated a few incidents from his time as an NCC cadet and lauded the cadets for their effort and commitment.

The camp also tested the cadre’s reaction and response to emergencies by conducting a fire drill, a mock invasion, and an escapade situation that was overseen by the JCO, Nb. Sub. Arockiya Dass. It was well-handled by the cadets, who now had real time experience on dealing with a crisis. After hours of strenuous labour induced by digging trenches, setting up camp, pitching tents, and cooking food, the cadre sat down for a fulfilling lunch followed by a cultural program. With the Commanding Officer, the ANO, and the PI Staff in attendance, the cultural program had everyone entertained with slapstick mimicry, and soulful renditions of music and dance. As the night’s activities came to an end, the cadets retired to their tents for a few hours of well-deserved rest. A peaceful silence engulfed the whole of the training area that had bustled with activities throughout the night.

All sections assemble!

Picture Credits: Sgt. Sourabh Khatri

In the morning, the cadre woke up to the sound of chirping birds. After sipping on some piping hot tea that the cadets prepared themselves, the campsite was taken down by the methods the soldiers follow when they break camp. With all the tents disassembled and all signs of activity extinguished, the cadre reported in front of the unit where a ‘badakhana’ breakfast awaited them, in order to officially mark the end of camp.

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