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A Bird’s Eye View–Drone Workshop by DRONAID


‘DRONAID’ is a student project dedicated to designing drones for medical applications. Their vision is to upgrade India’s current medical infrastructure to be at par with international standards using the latest advancements in technology like AI and integrating it with healthcare. A two day workshop was held for avid techies to learn about the in-depth functioning of drones and its mechanical, electronic and AI components. Within two hours on the first day, topics ranging from drone design to deep learning were touched upon and one could learn about drones on the field.

The project members presented detailed and insightful information on the subject in a bid to prep the participants for the hands-on session on the following day. The content featured a substantial amount of theory lessons with students rapt in attention and busy jotting down important notes. To not stick by the text throughout, various practical examples were showed through videos and demos of different programming software.

First day of the workshop.

The second day was scheduled to be a hands-on session on drones. It started off with organisers providing the participants with theory lessons, as well as an elaboration of how the concepts described on the previous day can be applied in real-time.

“To be honest, I did not know a lot of topics mentioned today, but it was nice to learn new things”, said Venkat Praveen, a second-year student in Mechatronics. Students who have tried and tested concepts like these before were also able to gain a new understanding of drones. “I have dealt a lot with devices like these before, but I never knew the AI features of these. It was mind-blowing”, mentioned Hari Charan, a second-year student in Automobile Engineering. DRONAID catered to its niche well, for everyone who attended it felt that they had learned something more than what they could in a classroom.

Featured Image Credits: Wallpaper Cave

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