Locked and Loaded

Vihaan Jain | Staff Writer

The ultimate paintball showdown took place on Thursday, with teams of three pitted against each other in a battle of colours and paint. The organizers of the event had meticulously planned and arranged for all the necessary gear including paintball guns, CO2 canisters and a whole array of body armour.

The event took place in a tented zone at the football ground, with stacks of tires and upturned tables placed strategically to provide cover to the fighters. The participants ranged from fairly experienced to utter newbie players, but all of them seemed to be equally excited.

Locked and Loaded was indeed a very popular event, with more than 60 people across 20 teams participating and battling it out with colours.


Kishore Wadhwani | Staff Writer

Enigma, held throughout the four days of the fest, demanded the contestants be quick and think on their feet. ”Recreational outdoor events are thrilling and a great way to rejuvenate. At the same time, the questions test how well you know the campus.”, said Dhruv Puri, an organizer of the event.

A treasure hunt spanning across the MIT campus, it took the participants to Pavilion, Food Court, Apoorva Mess and all the way to the Children’s Park chasing clues and performing arduous but fun tasks like Sting-Pong and Binge-Eating Samosas in a race against time.

Over the course of 4 days, more than 20 teams, each comprising 4 members, competed to complete the challenge in the shortest time and the team with the lowest time of completion won a cash prize. Vansh Agarwal, a first-year B.Tech student at MIT Bangalore described the event as, “Physically tiring, mentally stimulating and an exhilarating experience. Kind of like a crash course on the Manipal campus”.


Harshith Prasoon | Staff Writer

A test of physical prowess and teamwork, Labyrinth was an exhilarating obstacle course race for teams of two held across three days. Racing against time, participants had to go through formidable but fun obstacles in a bid to clinch victory; the added bragging rights as a cherry on top motivating them to try harder.

The race began with participants hopping over pairs of tires with one of their legs tied to their partner’s. Then they had to untie themselves and crawl under a net for a certain distance. Afterwards, they had to jump over a wall, walk over balancing beams and finally sprint back to the starting point to finish the race. Teams were timed for the course and were given a penalty if they did not follow the rules.

“We had overwhelming participation. On the first day when we opened the event, we had a huge turnup. We were surprised that people came all the way to the ground, but of course extremely content to have those many people participate in our event,” said Aditi Balaji, the CC for the event.

The event was well organized and was a sporting delight as all participants competed with utmost zeal and sportsmanship.

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Human Library—Revels ’22

Human Diaries

Human Diaries was by far one of the most unique events presented to patrons at Revels 2022. Under the category Human Library,  this event emulated the issuing of a book at a library and reading a story. The event took place on the first floor of FC-1, on days one and two of Revels. Five inspiring people put forward their stories for readers to peruse each day. 

“The speakers embody the role of diaries and the attendees get to read about the diary’s life”, explained an organizer. The diaries held stories ranging from self-confidence, placements and solo traveling, to successful app start-ups, being Spotify certified artists, and creating safe spaces for the LGBTQ+ community. Each one enumerated their struggles and successes in the form of a book, as the audience, playing the role of the readers, listened keenly.  The interactive and non-competitive nature was wholesome and a refreshing change from the more quotidian events Revels had to offer.

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Consulere—Revels ’22

Shark Dank | Vismay Kumra

As the most popular event Consulere offered, Shark Dank gave budding entrepreneurs an opportunity to mix their wits and business skills. Teams were provided memes and images using which they had to create a product and pitch it, Shark Tank-esque. They were given three minutes to brainstorm their best idea, followed by another three minutes for their pitch.

One of the products pitched was “Buff Glasses”. The group had received an image of a platypus, sunglasses and the “distracted boyfriend” meme. The group’s hilarious pitch was that if the customer would stare at other people in the presence of their significant other while wearing the glasses, they would get caught. The entire event had the audience guffawing at the absurd and random pitches.

Applauding the organisers for their effort, a participant named Aryan remarked, “They managed to make a formal event into a very inclusive and informal event where everyone was having a great time. Even though I didn’t win, the fun I had here was a win in itself.” Shark Dank was a laughter-filled event and one that every attendee will surely remember for a long time.

Bidding Wars | Vismay Kumra

In a bid to create what could have been a worthwhile event, the opening show of Consulere was anything but. Bidding Wars was held in a gameshow format where the participants were given a script of an investment journey and an initial corpus. They could use it to bid on companies, stocks and mystery lots. Teams were to be eliminated every few rounds using filters such as minimum purchases, maximum amount spent, and purchases from specific categories.

However, owing to miscommunication between the organisers and participants, the rules of progressing to the next round remained vague. Many teams spent nearly the entire amount allotted in the starting bids itself. Desperate to keep the game going, the organisers were forced to provide an additional 10 crores to every team.

The rest of the event felt like the recreation of a stock market crash. It was a comedy of errors from the get-go. Spectators left frequently, as the lack of effective management muddled what could have been a stupendous event. One can only hope it will be managed better the next time around.

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Dramebaaz—Revels ’22

Nukkad Natak | Arnav Choudhary

The concept of Nukkad Natak originated from an era where communication was slow and the theatre was the best way to know about new policies and current affairs. It was the most energetic event in the ‘Dramebaaz’ category. Held right in front of NLH, it perfectly captured the essence of street theatre. The announcement of the event beginning drew a horde of people. Each group performing contained nearly twenty participants wearing matching ethnic clothes.

True to the concept of street plays, groups accentuated their acting with drums and harmoniums. The performances were a powerhouse of enthusiasm and covered important topics like domestic abuse, organ harvesting and animal cruelty. The dramatics club Ada’s play on the issue of marital rape, which included moving monologues with catchy songs interspersed in between to lighten the tension won the first prize, with Aaina’s play closely bagging the second prize.

Nukkad Natak was a well-organised event and felt extremely authentic in its gritty portrayal of societal problems. As times have evolved, so have street plays—from mere sources of information to a platform for discussing topics too taboo to be brought up otherwise.

A lively street play as part of 'Nukkad Natak'. [Image Credits: Nikita Ranjan]

Curtain Call | Arnav Choudhary

‘Dramebaaz’ saw one of its most colourful and scintillating events in ‘Curtain Call’. It drew theatre aficionados from across MIT and put their dramatic skills to the test. This event was not focused only on acting, but rather, on putting up a play that was a visual treat. Participants arrived fully prepared with their extensive props and elaborate costumes. Five teams participated and brought their best to the dais, dazzling the audience with their brilliant performances.

The first act was an extract from Ubu Roi by Alfred Jarry. It was a scathing perspective on current events, politics, art, and the ruling class. The intensity kept ramping up and the audience was at the edge of their seats in anticipation. Their efforts paid off with the resounding applause they received at the conclusion. Another remarkable performance was ‘Charandas Chor’ which had the audience howling with laughter. Originally penned by Habib Tanvir, it is a humour-filled interactive satire, with the performers making sure to cleverly involve the audience as well. One of the most memorable events from another play titled ‘Shankar Bhaand’ was the king and queen’s entry, which was celebrated by throwing gold coins at the audience. Curtain Call was truly one of the most thrilling events of Revels’22.

On the Spot | Arnav Choudhary

On The Spot was an intriguing event from Dramebaaz that showcased the dramatic skills of students in a spontaneous setting. The room was bustling with the many teams that had shown up to participate in this well-anticipated event.

The event was conducted in two rounds in small groups. The first one was called Freeze Tag which required a group to come to the stage and pick a chit, which had prompts for them to act out. It started with two members acting, and when an organiser would call out ‘freeze’, one of the members on stage with switch out with another of their team and continue with the skit. One of the prompts was ‘The death of the family fish’, which was wildly entertaining.

The second round, called ‘Something More, Something Less’ had generated an even greater interest than the last one. The atmosphere was full of infectious energy as participants rehearsed their scripts animatedly. When the organisers would announce ‘something more’, the participants were supposed to exaggerate their plot, and with ‘something less’ they were to play the plot down. The difference between an exaggerated plot and an understated one was stark owing to the skilled actors.

The performances were eclectic and entertaining. The actors had a great command over the audience. “Chhoti bachchi ho kya?” riled up the atmosphere during the event while “Control Uday, Control!” helped to quieten everyone. The organisers were pleasantly surprised that the event was far more successful than they had expected.

Moods | Aprajita Singh

Moods was an online event from the Dramebaaz category. It was a unique idea for an event, with emphasis on how expressions and execution can change the entire mood of a situation. It tested the participants’ abilities to take a situation and wield emotions as a powerful tool to change the narrative. Students were asked to submit a 5-minute recording of their performances to the organisers by a deadline. They had to choose a situation among the many provided by the organisers, and portray 3 distinct moods through their acting.

Some of the situations the participants were given include friends visiting a crime scene, a blind bus driver, friends attending the funeral of a pet fish, and an Olympic mascot on trial. The organisers witnessed much versatility in the emotions portrayed. Participants put their fine-drawn acting skills to use, and turned the grim topics into hilarious circumstances, complete with brilliant physical comedy, before quickly switching over to intense sorrow or fear. The event went well, but the organisers felt that an offline event would have drawn much more enthusiasm and participation.

Spotlight | Aprajita Singh

Spotlight was different from the other events in the Dramebaaz category. Rather than a prompt being the focal point of a performance, the spotlight was instead on the performer. A monologue in a theatrical or operatic format had to be performed by the participants. The piece could be about some other character or autobiographical. A five-minute recording of the monologue had to be submitted for review to the organisers.

The intention was not to work with a team or make someone laugh, but rather, to look inwards and use acting as a medium to tell your story to the world. It truly brought out the best in the participants, with them digging deep to bring out raw emotions that tugged at the organisers’ heartstrings.

Vedanth Shetty, a Core Committee member of Dramebaaz commented, “It was a very hectic but fruitful experience. My time was well spent as the experience I gained professionally and personally is unparalleled.” All in all, every single event organised under the Dramebaaz category was a resounding success. It explored theatre as a form of art that depicts a story and left every member of the audience with something to ponder over.

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MIT Debate Tournament—Revels’22

The Manipal Institute of Technology Debate Tournament celebrated its sixth edition with a splendid ensemble of enthused debaters across the globe. This year it was conducted in online mode from the 15th to 17th of April 2022, to avoid any disruptions brought about by the pandemic. 

The tournament followed the format of the British parliamentary where four teams of two members each were divided between the proposition and opposition benches. With more than 40 teams participating from India as well as internationally from South Korea, Australia, Japan, Bangladesh, and more, the event witnessed a fiercely competitive, yet cheerful arena. 

It was our first time debating in the BP format, and the second time in a tournament. It was, for a lack of words, exhilarating. We’re definitely taking back a lot from the tournament,” said a debater, about the event. 

With motions ranging from self-love, economics, art, crime, and philosophy, the tournament presented a serving of all walks of life, while nudging the inner argumentative debater within everyone.

Whether it be the intensive work of tabulation, the swing teams, the handling of rooms, or organizing in general, the event received praise from some of the most reputed names in the International debating circuits. The event was concluded with a heartfelt note from the convenors.      

Image credits: LDQ


MELAS Quiz | Tanmay Goswami 

This year the Ergo category was set in motion with the MELAS Quiz, held on the 13th of April, 2022, at the KEF Auditorium. The long-awaited event felt both deserved and needed as it brought back the thrill of offline quizzing.

The Quiz saw an enthralled throng of movie buffs, quizzers, questers looking for fun-filled trivia, as well as people who genuinely just enjoy learning. The convergence of Music, Entertainment, Literature, Arts, and Sports in such delectable proportions left everyone present mesmerised, to say the least.

The Quizmasters Kewal and Ankit, who are also the heads of the Quiz Society of LDQ, welcomed the participants hailing from different parts of the Indian Quizzing Circuit, in an event that saw a wonderful reception. Whether it be trailing through Sandcrawlers in Tatooine or a dazzling walk in the Twilight, the ingenuity that went into crafting the questions was met with equal amounts of applause and pounces.

It was a roller-coaster ride to the end. We loved the format and the excellent execution of the quiz by the QMs“,  a participating team remarked. Needless to say, the first offline Quiz post-pandemic, was an immense success, adding to the revelries of the ongoing fest.

Potpourri and Creative Writing | Tanmay Goswami 

Potpourri and Creative Writing were the two events under the Literary Category of Ergo. Despite being held online, the event enjoyed good participation and exemplary competition from colleges across India.

Potpourri was conducted in 2 rounds- a written round comprising of a unique compilation of word games such as crosswords, anagrams, addagrams, etc. followed by an interactive one, both of which were to be attempted in groups of 2. The final round saw six teams dabbling with brain-teasers in the form of Jeopardy, Pictionary, customized Wordles, and Spell bees.

Creative Writing was also held in two successive rounds, the former’s prompts revolving around mood boards on selected themes.
This event acts as a catalyst to bring forth a test and ode to that moment of inspiration, where even Time stops once in a while to bear witness, and the participants justified that every bit,” one of the judges said. The final round required finalists to use four additional prompts and transform their rapid influx of creative juices into written marvels.

Both the events received critical acclaim from all those involved.

General Quiz | Tanmay Goswami 

The General Quiz”22 stole the show as the most cherished event of the Ergo category. It witnessed legendary Quizmaster Major Chandrakant Nair hosting his own set on the morn of 16th April 2022, concluding the literary and quizzing events of Revels’22.

Held at MV Seminar Hall, the Quiz enjoyed an equally enthused crowd of quizzers, trivia buffs, and sophophilics alike. Needless to say, the air was electric with a sense of competitiveness. Keeping with its theme, the Quiz explored everything under the blue sky and beyond through its engaging questions and the brilliant fundae that were covered.

From getting their hands over amber, walking through the trade routes, humming the musical symphonies, decoding the inception of inventions, to investigating mythic pantheons, it was an invigorating experience, after 2 years of mundane online experiences.

In Quiz Master’s own words, “The event was fabulously managed, and it was amazing seeing a good crowd on a morning Quiz, especially after a happening night“. The event was concluded with the declaration of results and the Convenor speeches, amidst a standing ovation in the auditorium.

Image Credits: Photography and Videography Department of Revels’22

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Squid Games | Madhusmita Nandan

The Squid Games took place over the course of three days, with 338 players taking part, making it the cultural event with the highest number of participants. This event, which bore an uncanny resemblance to the famous South Korean TV series, Squid Game, undoubtedly stood out as most of the rounds and games were a reflection of the original show.

In the first round, a crowd waited outside Kamath Circle to run for their lives as people in masks with circles, squares, and triangles entered from all sides. The iconic doll from the pilot of the show stood on the table with speakers blaring the words “Red Light” and “Green Light”, signalling the racers to halt and move respectively, and eventually cross the finish line as quickly as possible.

The second round entailed a classic round of tug of war, which saw players lock horns against each other fiercely, and those who emerged victorious passed on to the final round. The eagerly awaited final round was a game of snakes and ladders, with an unexpected addition of do-or-die blocks.

Squid Games was a massive success at Revels 22. Despite being a new event introduced in the Animania category, we received around 200 registrations within two days of our portal being launched,” remarked Dhyan Gandhi, the Event Head. As the deftly-adapted event came to a close, it can be said with certainty that everyone had an absolute ball.

Chunin Exams | Samyuktha Nandineni

The Chunin Exams have been an essential part of Animania for the last six years and continue to be one of the main events. On the first day, all competitors gathered up in the NLH for Round 1. They were fired up with a ravenous appetite to prove their mental prowess. According to the classic anime Naruto, the rules included penalties for anyone caught cheating. From frog-hopping around the room to singing Frozen’s Let It Go, the repercussions faced were amusing for the audience to take in, much to the chagrin of the guilty party.

The contestants could opt out of undertaking a penalty. However, this would result in a three-point loss instead of one. Moreover, any participant caught cheating thrice would find their team disqualified—A real gamble if there ever was one! Proving to be nothing short of a challenge, the exam tested them in a wide range of areas, from general knowledge to mathematics.

Rounds 2 and 3 of the Chunin Exams required a little more legwork out of our contestants. The scavenger hunt needed them to make their way around campus on the prowl for tokens. Each location also held a clue to lead them to the next token. However, they would have to complete a task at each location, carried out by several organisers to obtain the token.

The tasks ranged from bouncing a ping pong ball on a bat for 30 seconds to grilling oral quizzes. In other words, the contestants had their work cut out for them. The event ran smoothly across all four days, with eager participants and some top-of-the-line invigilators. Event Head Atharva said, “It was hard work, and it was exhausting, but it was worth it.

Liar Games | Arusha Raj

The first round of Liar Games took place on teams. The participants had to take part in an hour-long quiz consisting of riddles and mystery scenarios to test their thinking abilities. The second round was held over Discord as the qualifiers from round one were divided into two teams for a game called ‘Contraband’. The teams were designated as smugglers and inspectors.

The smugglers would try to smuggle a certain amount of currency, and the inspector team would try to guess the amount. If the inspector team got it right, they would confiscate the currency, and if they were wrong, the smugglers would get the currency. Each team was given 5 minutes to decide the amount they wanted to smuggle/guess on private channels. After finalising their respective choices, the inspector team would state their guess. Afterwards, the teams would switch positions, and this would continue. At the end of the game, the team with the most currency progressed to the third and final round.

The Final Round was also in a quiz format, and it was dubbed ‘Minority Rule’.  Ten questions would be given to the qualifiers from the last round. The questions were all opinion-based and had no definite answers. The options were ‘yes’ or ‘no’. After tallying the answers, contestants in the minority opinion were given a point. Participants thoroughly enjoyed the event and it was a huge success.

Image Credits: Photography and Videography Department of Revels’22

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Virtuoso | Sharad Mathur

Virtuoso in Crescendo was a solo-instrumental competition conducted on the first day of Revels. Held at the quadrangle inside AB-1, the event saw a small crowd of excited students ready to cheer for their friends. Since it was an individual contest, no backing tracks or filters were allowed; only a single performer with one instrument was permitted. There were no genre boundaries, and they were encouraged to explore as many musical styles as possible.

The event was an incredible show of talent, featuring a wide variety of instruments, genres, and playing styles. Participants proved their musical dexterity, playing everything from Indian classical Tabla to mesmerizing renditions with violin and electrifying guitar solos. Despite having some technical difficulties along the way, the event emerged as one of the highlights of the day, with its mystical melodies echoing through the halls of AB-1.

One participant observed, “The most beautiful thing about the event, undoubtedly, was seeing students supporting their friends while standing in the hot sun, waiting patiently and passionately, cheering them on.” Virtuoso turned out to be a huge success and set a high bar for upcoming music competitions at the fest.

Beatboxing | Shatakshi Mishra and G Sathvik

For the first time in Revels history, Beatboxing by Crescendo gave Manipal’s incredibly talented beatboxers a stage to battle it out against each other. It celebrated the force of vocal percussion like never before. Having the esteemed guest judge Calvin Menezes, an alumnus of MIT and a veteran at playing the drums, only elevated the event’s spirit.

The event was fascinating from the very beginning, with the audience swooning to the beats of the contestants, each of whom brought enthralling bangers to the stage coupled with innovative tongue-in-cheek stage names, such as “COD by day, CBD by night”. The performers let out whistles and pops and used various beatboxing techniques, which many audience members were unfamiliar with, but could appreciate nonetheless. One participant, who goes by ‘The Joker’, made the iconic one-liner of the antagonist into a mashup culminating in a mind-blowing five-beat combination which was thoroughly enjoyed by the viewers.

Overall, the Beatboxing competition was well-conducted, and everything transpired smoothly. The event has set a benchmark for the young beatboxers who pursue this distinct musical art. As a new experience for the viewers alike, it was a delightful event for everyone involved.

Transcendence | Arundhathi Ravi

Transcendence, an open mic event organized by Crescendo, was held on the Day 3 of Revels. After being postponed by a day, the event took place on a bright afternoon at the Student Plaza centre stage. Even with a thin audience, the open mic attracted participants who came to share their talent and have a taste of their popstar aspirations.

From soulful ballads to thundering drum solos, the wide variety of talent was on display for everyone to see. Some artists even performed multiple numbers, thus giving the atmosphere a concert-like feel. With the sunset adding to the ambience, the mood shifted to a more soulful one. Each participant was applauded immensely irrespective of their act’s genre, instrument, or language. The mesmerizing rendition of Boulevard of Broken Dreams by Green Day was one of the most rousing recitals of the afternoon.

Pradhi Agrawal, the event anchor, said, “There were so many good artists. I think it was the perfect stage for showcasing your talent and overcoming your stage fright. Even with less audience, it was a fun event to be a part of.” The true purpose of the event was achieved, which was to create a safe space where students could connect with their inner selves as well as others through the power of music amidst the ongoing chaos of the college fest.

Revels Idol | G Sathvik

Revels Idol, the official singing competition of Revels 2022, presented a vocal ensemble of some of the best singers in MAHE. The event took place in Academic Block 1, in the presence of a large crowd of grooving students, organisers, and visitors gracing the event with loud cheers for all the participants.

The event took place in two rounds. The raw talent and sheer enthusiasm that marked the event seemed to test their own standards progressively. Each participant showcased their range, from the most intricate appoggiatura of their melodies to the simplest of renditions, resounding through the spectating souls.

The judges of this event were all accomplished musicians and singers in their respective domains. With years of experience, they ensured the best critical enunciation of participants while offering them constructive criticism for them to further hone their skills.
Overall, the event won the hearts of everyone involved in the competition with the harmonious symphonies and melodious voices that made the evening a delightful one.

Shazam | Sharad Mathur

Shazam was an exciting and challenging musical contest held on the 3rd day of Revels, testing contestants’ knowledge of both popular and lesser-known songs and music. The first round had around 25-30 people. Through multiple rounds of intense quizzing, the number of contestants was eventually cut down, and the questions got more challenging.

In round one, ‘Guess the song’ and ‘Guess the lyrics’, the participants were required to identify songs through lyrics and snippets. For Round 2, there were 12 people left standing with the highest points after the demanding initial phase. This round was held in NLH; the teams sat together and were made to use a virtual buzzer to make the quizzes more competitive.

“A lot of students felt that listening to a wide variety of music had paid off, and their knowledge of the most obscure of artists and songs was finally being put to good use,” one of the contestants noted. Shazam was an event tailor-made for the chronically online music fans of our generation showing off their expertise at musical trivia. The event turned out to be a huge success and was one of the most interesting and fun-filled contests in the category.

Battle of the Bands | Arundhathi Ravi

One of the most talked-about events of the fest—Battle of the Bands by Crescendo, was held on the last day of Revels at AB1 quadrangle. 11 bands went head-to-head to take the spoils of the competition, which took place over one round. A panel of three judges critiqued them on technique, coordination, stage presence, tempo, and complexity. Most bands opted to perform their original compositions, which won them some bonus points, while others played iconic rock numbers such as “Sweet Child O Mine”.

The talking point of the event was a band from NIT-K, who made it by the skin of their teeth by arriving just 10 minutes before their set! Delayed by an exam but not discouraged, they nailed their performance, securing the first place.

“Meeting so many enthusiastic, talented musicians and having conversations with them about something so dear to me was a treat. It was also really nice to interact with all of the outstation bands. They were all super excited to be in Manipal and performing in front of a new crowd,” remarked Agastya Gummaraju, the Event Head of Battle of the Bands. The music aficionados amongst the crowd cheered as they felt their hearts thump with the adrenaline-inducing passion of each band as they performed their hearts out.

Rapsody | Shatakshi Mishra and G Sathvik

Rapsody, essentially a play on the term “Rhapsody”, refers to the ecstatic manifestation of the inner rungs of humankind but presents it in conjugation with the musical form we’ve all come to love as rap.

Held adjacent to Academic Block-3, Rapsody tuned the very spirit of the Ruby Jubilee of Revels 2022, marking 40 years of the quintessence that Manipal is. Much like a mirror to Epic Rap Battles, participants faced each other for an allotted time of 2 minutes. Any form of profanity or explicit lyrics were strictly banned from being showcased in the performances.

Between a participant’s well-crafted rhythms with a lyric of “Get Back Up” and a Dental Sciences student performing a rap in Hindi, the event set the bar high for all such events in the future. As participants “out-rapped” each other in successive performances, Rapsody concluded amidst a loud cheer.

Image Credits: Photography and Videography Department of Revels’22

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Antithesis | Tanmay Goswami

This year Ampersand began its run with Antithesis, an event based on the greatest speeches in history. The participants were given a script of an exemplary orator’s famous speech and were expected to refute the premise of the given speech. The competition was held in online mode on Google Meet to allow outstation contestants to participate. “I thought the event brought out the best of oration against the words of the best of orators in everyone that took part,” said Ronak Singh, one of the event heads.

With fierce extempores loaded with substance and principles, one team was chosen the winner amidst loud cheers and thunderous applause. Despite lesser participation than what was expected, the event was incredibly fascinating and satisfactory, and overall an entertaining experience for everyone involved in it.

Turncoat | Eshaan Banga

Turncoat was one of the first events that took place at Revels ’22. It was a debate with a twist—Participants were given a topic 2 minutes before their turn and were required to change their stance in the middle of the argument.

Things got interesting when a few participants became so convincing while talking both for and against that they left the judges and audience confused. Interesting arguments were strewn across the stage, increasing the amount of tension in the air. Nevertheless, some participants were quite nervous and could not deliver as well as others. The highlight of the event was when a bewildered participant gave his speech and immediately realised that he had entered the wrong event. He stormed off furiously and caused quite a stir, although he publicly apologised for it later on. The entire incident was quite uncanny.

Overall, Turncoat was eventful and entertaining, with everyone involved having a delightful time. The participants did a great job, and the organisers made sure the event ran smoothly throughout.

Wordsworth | Sagarika Seshagiri

Wordsworth under Ampersand was a story writing competition with an unconventional spin on it. Contestants were expected to weave a story on the spot as a word was released to them every 30 seconds. The absence of any of the presented terms in the submitted story led to disqualification. The event concluded in under 30 minutes and was conducted in online mode. It was held on Day 1 and Day 2 of Revels.

The event attracted the attention of all writing enthusiasts with its exquisite challenge. Six contestants advanced to the final round out of the twelve that participated. “I was happy I made it through to the second round; it gave me a confidence boost”, commented Aparna, a second-year from MIT who took part in the event. The event tested the consistency in the flow of thought of the contestants and their ability to make sense of disconnected words.

“The sheer amount of creativity, spontaneity, and ingenuity the participants showed in just 30 minutes was surprising and commendable”, responded Sristi, a CC for Ampersand. It unanimously turned out to be an engaging event and was conducted seamlessly.

Aircrash | Tanmay Goswami

With Aircrash, Ampersand nudged the participants to delve into the life of a fictitious or non-fictitious character assigned to them. In an exciting twist, a hypothetical air crash was simulated, and each participant was expected to make a case for themselves.

The event saw progressively iconic characters like Adolf Hitler and Mother Teresa sparring to convince the judges as to why they deserved to be given the sole parachute to survive the imminent plane crash instead of their opponent. In an intricate display of wordcraft and manipulation of moral arguments and logic, the two rounds of the event enjoyed good participation.

Overall, Aircrash was heaped with praises for its coherent organisation and was deemed a success in terms of quality of debate.

Reportage | Rhea Dsouza

Ampersand’s Reportage was conducted on two days of Revels, the 13th and the 15th. An invigorating event, Reportage consisted of two rounds, the first of which was an online photography event. Interested participants formed teams of 2-3 and were given an opportunity to let their pictures speak for them—the only rule being that they had to tell a story as a reporter would; the themes were ‘Night Life’, ‘Manipal Localities’, and ‘Nostalgia’. Participants were instructed to send in their submissions to a link, after which the judges determined the winner of the event by eyeing the creativity behind the photography, the quality of the picture, the portrayal of the subject, and the relevance of the theme.

The photograph above is just one of the many stunning entries made by participants. While the cameramen and their muses clicked well, the participants visibly made sure to not lose focus.

Round 2 of Reportage was a murder mystery. The top five teams from the previous round were made to look for clues placed strategically around the campus. Upon digging for their hints, the contestants were asked to delineate a plausible report summarising the events of the murder, based on the props they found. However, their primary opponent was time, as the players struggled to make stories out of their own findings after accumulating all the props. A truly adventurous event, Reportage was undoubtedly a success as the participants’ enthusiasm made it a memorable affair for all.

Image Credits: Photography and Videography Department of Revels’22

Featured Image Credits: Social Media and Graphics, Revels’22


Online Photography Rhea Dsouza

Lensation conducted Online Photography on all four days of Revels. Each of the ten keen participants was required to submit their best pictures in adherence to a specific theme of the day. The themes were ‘Black and White’, Landscape’, ‘Wildlife’, and ‘Architecture and Silhouette’. Contestants were required to send their photographs to a link for the judges to scrutinise.

The top three chosen pictures were uploaded on the official Revels’22 Facebook page. The leading three photographers were also awarded prize money. Despite being a virtual event, Online Photography brought several avid photography enthusiasts together, giving them a pleasant space to compete and participate—it was an absolute success.

24 Hour Illustration Challenge Samyuktha Nandieni

All those who participated in the 24 Hours Illustration Challenge found out just how quickly 24 hours can pass. A platform for budding artists to showcase their prowess, this event fostered the participants’ passion for digital art. The objective was for the participants to redesign a poster of their choice within 24 hours. The event put the contestants’ creativity and speed to the test.

As anticipated, all the competitors pulled through with some exceptionally inspired recreations. “It was genuinely amazing to see how the artists came up with such amazing recreations in such a limited time. We were amazed by their creativity!” said Event Head Ritam Rao. The event saw participants putting all their talent and ingenuity to good use and was a smashing hit.

Photo Exhibit Advika Priyabhashini

An assorted menagerie of extraordinary, creative, and uncharted photographs was flaunted in the Photo Exhibit across the four days of Revels. The massive Roman colosseum-like structure of the Student Plaza gave it an almost museum-like effect. The judges selected 10-15 photos out of numerous entries from thirty participants to be featured each day. The photos encompassed various genres, including sunsets, portraits, landscapes, fine art, wildlife, and astrophotography. The play of light, frames, composition, and tones of these photographs was awe-inspiring. The exhibition was open all day for all those who wished to admire the work of these young photographers.

 “I felt very happy and proud to have my picture up there because anyone passing through SP would see this. It was my work up there, so yeah, happy and proud”, remarked Tanmay Sinha, a participant of the event whose work got featured in the exhibit. An excellent event put together by the Lensation committee, which boosted the morale of the participants and encouraged other bystanders to rekindle their creativity and set sail on their journey of photographic exploration.

Manipal Through My Eyes Advika Priyabhashini

A unique event of Lensation, Manipal Through My Eyes, provided a platform for young photographers to showcase their creativity and gave the freshers a photographic arsenal of the places to visit. This event required photographers to submit images of Manipal from their perspective. The Core Committee were in charge of choosing the top five photographs, which also went up on the official Facebook page of Revels MIT.

The event offered a fresh challenge as it was more about vision and creativity than just testing routine photography skills. Having reminded everyone of all the immense beauty that Manipal has to offer, this event was a splendid success.

Let’s B-Roll Janvi Dhanani

Let’s B-Roll by Lensation was all about secondary or supplemental footage, or B-Roll as it is called. B-Roll is often used to provide support and more visual context to the central A-Roll. The objective here was for the participants to create a thirty-second video to depict their impressions of Revels.

Some participants requested an extension of the deadlines as they could not send in their entries on time. Unfortunately, the Core Committee could not entertain this. Despite these minor snags and less participation, Let’s B-Roll proceeded as planned and saw the participants come up with some sensational videos to illustrate their Revels experience.

Portfolio Photography | Prakhar Choudhary

Portfolio Photography was a fantastic opportunity for aspiring photographers to showcase their talents in highlighting models and products. It was a team-based event, with each team consisting of one photographer and one model. The first round of the event started on the third day of Revels. The photographers had to shoot professional portfolios for the models around a particular aesthetic theme. Ten people registered for the event, with a few participants from the MIT Bangalore campus.

Four teams with the best entries advanced to the next round, held on the last day of Revels. In this round, the teams had to shoot product portfolios. They picked out chits with the names of the products that they had to shoot. They had ninety minutes to shoot, edit and submit their photograph. They could use various pieces of equipment like fairy lights and black charts to enhance their pictures.

Despite the time crunch, the teams participating were able to produce some great shots. The teams were judged and rated on their images’ aesthetic and technical quality. Portfolio Photography proved to be one of the flagship events of Lensation, with the photographers turning in creative submissions in both rounds, despite the low participation.

Hyperlapse | Prakhar Choudhary

Hyperlapse was conducted as part of Lensation in Revels ’22. It was a single-round event where participants had to capture the essence of the festival through their videography. Hyperlapse or moving time-lapse is a technique in time-lapse photography for creating motion shots. The participants had to utilise this technique in innovative ways to portray the frenzy around the campus during Revels.

Fourteen people registered for the event and had one day to shoot and upload their creative submissions. Hyperlapse, being an online round, did not get significant attention. However, the photographers came up with some remarkable motion shots, precisely capturing the spirit of Revels ’22 with their artistic endeavours.

Metaverse Through Graphics Janvi Dhanani

One of Lensation’s debut events, Metaverse Through Graphics, gave the contestants a chance to let their creative juices flow. The objective of this event was to design an illustration to depict their brilliant versions of the Metaverse.

“Being a CC was a wonderful experience though exhausting at times. Even on days that we felt extremely tired after a full day of college, we pulled through and showed up to work knowing that this was our last Revels. The whole experience was very rewarding, and I loved working with my co-CCs to make our event a success.”, said Sharvani Sinha, a Core-Committee member of the category. From digital teleportation to quirky avatars, the enthusiastic participants let their imaginations run amok and produced fabulous results, making this event an absolute success.

Image credits: Photography and Videography, Revels’22

Featured Image credits: Social Media and Graphics, Revels’22