MIT’s Got Talent—A Stage For Fresher Flair

Mighty MIT! Mighty MIT! Still reverberates around the halls of the Academic Block where the Talent Night was held on the 26th of March. The event was organized by the Student Council to give the Freshers Batch of ’25 a platform to showcase their talents and socialise with each other in the process.
The talent show commenced with a hearty welcome speech delivered by Mr. Nagaraj Katagi, the Associate Director of Student Welfare.  “Apart from academic activities, we also encourage students to participate in extracurricular activities and clubs so that it inculcates curiosity in them”, he said, highlighting the importance of academics and non-academic skills in a learner. Performers were allowed a four-minute act of either music, dance, mimicry, or poetry.

Our first performer was Shubham Anand, who warmed up the audience by playing the guitar. He was then followed by our next singer, Diya BM, who sang Lag Jaa Gale as a tribute to the late Lata Mangeshkar. Aside from solos, we also witnessed duet performances from Drishaan P and Shaurya R, a singer-guitar combo that got the crowd cheering. We then had Paras Ahuja and Athul S, a keyboard-singer combo that had the audience enthralled and harmonizing along with them.

The night also saw energy-packed dance performances by Yashwi S, Azaan K, and Anurag M. We also heard the calming flute, played by Sanatan S and the drums by Ayan S and Akshat T. The stage also welcomed Atyab J, a mimic who got the audience hooting in laughter. Paras Ahuja, one of the key performers said that he found playing for the crowd thrilling and was excited to see the turnout of the crowd. He hopes to stage more events in the future.
After spending nearly two years of what felt like an eternity at home, our brand new MITians got an easy opportunity to showcase what they’d been hiding all this while. All in all, the event was a major success that the Batch of ’25 will cherish.

Image credits: Drishaan Prasad 

Featured image credits: https://www.dreamstime.com/illustration/talent-night.html