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Monthly Archives: February 2022

The Pearl of the Indian Ocean—Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka’s vast and diverse landscape, spanning from the early roots of mankind’s exploration of mythology, invites the wanderlust to a distinctive experience from its sandy shores to its remarkable monuments, all the while bestowing its abounding culture.

CAREER TALKS—Misconceptions Made Clear

CAREER TALKS-Misconceptions, an event hosted by IE-E&C Student Community of Manipal headlined successful Manipal students and alumni that highlighted the process of landing internship opportunities. Furthermore, the time spent with our very own first and second-year students spotlighted several life lessons and tips to achieve individualistic career goals.

How MIT Celebrates

Fests, whether they be cultural or technical, help you sharpen your skills, interact with different people and have the time of your life. Read on to take a peek at this colourful aspect of MIT.

Beneath the Mask of Sanity

Humans have an intense fascination with the macabre. From psychological thrillers to true crime documentaries, the iniquity of any kind draws in a crowd. The unknown inspires fear, and knowledge alleviates it. However, during our shallow dive into the world of killers, do we ever place ourselves in their shoes? And even if we do, have we truly figured out the workings of the minds that allow such atrocities? After all, how can one hope to identify something they cannot understand? At best, we can pick out particular mannerisms. So just know: if you start to notice these very signs in someone dear to you, soon you might have to make a choice. If you had to be one or the other, would you rather be the victim or the killer?

Revolutionary EdTech Startup From MIT—Golden Bird

The fad behind coding culture, coupled with the pandemic, has caused an exponential boom in the EdTech industry. The need for education technology is at an all-time high and could potentially pave the way for the future. The MIT Post sat down with Pushpendra Singh, an eighth-semester student, who is stepping into the game with his high-flying innovative EdTech venture, Golden Bird.

The Return of the Revelries—An Introduction to Revels

The advent of spring brings with it the joys and woes of the Even Semester—including the student community’s most anticipated event, Revels. This year, following a break in the annual routine, Revels’22 is set to return. Read on to know more about what goes into making this mammoth event a massive success.

Backstage at Revels—Unsung Heroes of the Fest

Revels is a culmination of the work put in by people ranging from the Security to the Cafeteria staff, who strive towards providing the students with an unparalleled experience during the fest each year. In this article, The MIT Post takes a look at the colossal efforts put in by these people behind the scenes of the fest.

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