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Monthly Archives: December 2021

The Technical Clubs Guide—Providentia

ASME Manipal Students’ Chapter organized Providentia, where MIT’s top technical clubs were showcased to freshers to help them choose the right clubs for themselves. The event was streamed live on YouTube, and seven clubs presented their exciting work and the opportunities they offer.

Rethinking Evil—Villains 101

Blank 101 kept the young minds of MIT students racing with yet another public speaking event, Villains 101. The attendees delved into the psyche and analysed the persona of their favourite villains in an interactive session held via live stream.

Nurturing Open Source—The LUG Install Fest

Linux Users’ Group, the first and most established open-source community of Manipal, organised an install fest, which was attended by around thirty students from various branches. In the first offline event conducted by LUG since the pandemic, the participants were taught how to dual boot their computers and were introduced to the command line interface.

Dance Gavin Dance—Band Review

A band that has done it all, Dance Gavin Dance have been active in the Post-Hardcore scene for over a decade. They have experienced volatility and glory in equal measure. They are quirky, talented, and make music that is absolutely magic. Take a deep dive into their history, their success, and the mad music-making formula that has given them an air-tight discography consisting of nine albums, two live albums, an EP, and instrumental versions of them all. This band is worth checking out, and this article gives you a rundown of who they are and what they do.

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