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Monthly Archives: October 2021


Embracing Queer Love—Then and Now

Homosexuality was criminalised in India during the 19th century. The history of India’s myths was lost when people rewrote mythical tales to fit their convenience. Some of the stories conveyed stories quite contrary to those in the myths. These exemplary pieces of work portrayed ancient India as an extremely accepting and tolerant place, with spirituality deep-rooted into its culture.

Of Lore and Legends—The Udupi Krishna Temple

The rich and varied history of India is unbeknownst to most. One such gem treasured in the midst of the vibrant city of Udupi is the Shri Krishna Matha Temple. Read on to delve more into the magical world of Krishna Matha, located in the ‘Mathura’ of South India.

Humanity’s Rays of Hope—China’s Artificial Sun

The world is becoming increasingly toxic with lots of pollution and the over-utilisation of non-renewable resources. To this end, China is attempting a revolution with clean energy in the form of their Artificial Sun project, harnessing the sun’s renewable heat. Upon completion, it will prove to be a cornerstone in the field of science, one that will benefit all of mankind and its progeny.

TED Circles—Imagination

TEDxManipal organised its first-ever TED Circles, an enlightening event that brought together people from different backgrounds to discuss and exchange ideas or inspirations and dig deep together on a lively discussion on the theme—Imagination, and its deeply embedded role in our thinking processes.

Waves of Tragedies—A Plea for Justice

In the face of a possibly deadlier third wave of COVID-19, the resources, patience and endurance of the rapidly crumbling healthcare system wear thin. At such a time, violence against medical staff comes as nothing short of a calamity—one created entirely by the masses.

Mind Over Matter—Sitting Down With Amigo

Mental Health plays an indispensable role in our lives. If ignored, it takes a toll on our psyche and interpersonal relationships. To destigmatise the conversation around mental health, The MIT Post sat down with the founders of Amigo, an organisation that aims to democratise mental healthcare in India.

Bio-Secure Bubble—Sports in the Pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic has created a massive shift in daily activities. With nearly every part of functional society being affected, paradigm transformations have been implemented in all sectors. Sports too has not been immune to this transition has executed several changes. This article visits sporting events behind closed doors.

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