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Monthly Archives: January 2019

A Bite of the Apple―iOS Dev 101

iOS Dev 101, organised by Apple Developers Group helped students comprehend the basics of iOS app development and served as an introductory class on Apple’s ‘Swift’ and its functioning. ADG plans on inspiring more students to take up app development for iOS and used this event as a gateway to iOS app development.

Close Encounters of the Veiled Kind—Blindfolded Conversations

Blindfolded Conversations organised by The Psych Club, Manipal on the 13th of January 2019, involved participants talking to each other for long durations while being blindfolded. The conversations allowed the people to see each other in a new light, without their sense of sight, in an event that was considered a relaxing experience before the upcoming assignment week.

Unscrew Engines– A Paradise for Automobile Aficionados

SAE-IM’s Unscrew Engines, a two day workshop, provided students with a hands-on experience at assembling and understanding the working of automobile engines. A practical approach to concepts that are dealt with theoretically in class, intrigued the interests of many students who attended the workshop.

Hasta Shilpa Heritage Village—a Stroll through the Past

“On one particular instance, he was blindfolded when taken to a historical site to ensure that he wouldn’t learn the route and return at a later date”. During the 70s and 80s, the heritage conservationist Vijaynath Shenoy set out on a journey to save our history and culture. In this article, we explore the Hastha Shilpa Heritage Village, the result of his vision, and get a glimpse of times gone by.

Service Before Self—National Army Day 2019

The NCC Contingent of MIT hosted an exhibition on 15th January in celebration of National Army Day. It featured a variety of stalls displaying battle formations, engineering gadgets used on-field, and a few guns used by army soldiers as well. The exhibition attracted the eyes of many students and staff while giving them a small glimpse into the life of an Indian soldier.

The Great Indian E-Commerce Solution

The gradual but certain increase in internet usage is making rural populations the greatest un-tapped treasure in the Indian e-commerce space. With start-ups and big players like Amazon both expanding into rural markets, the online marketplace in India is braced for change.