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Monthly Archives: July 2017

Emerging Technologies in Solar and Wind Energy

“In the future, solar applications will reach all households and industry – but the challenge is to develop technologies to increase overall solar system efficiency, as well as inspire proper disposal of solar panels”, said Mr. Chandra Mauli Kumar (Additional General Manager, Tata Power Solar, Bengaluru).

Challenging the Odds: Interview with Maj DP Singh

Maj DP Singh, aka The Blade Runner, was in Leh, Ladakh on 7 July 2017, preparing for the Annual Kargil Memorial Marathon. We managed to grab a hold of him for a short interview, which managed to challenge common perceptions and left us in awe of his humble, yet confident demeanour.

Under the Azure Sky—Italy

The streets of Italy will not only take you around the center of the Italian Renaissance, but also take you on a journey spanning across the pages of the golden era of human history.

Welcoming Zia: Sitting Down with Aswekeepsearching

Since the release of their debut album ‘Khwaab’, the steady rise of the band has led them into spotlights across the country and the world. After an intense touring period, Aswekeepsearching return with their second album ‘Zia’. Read on to find more about India’s premiere post-rock outfit in our recent interview.

Taking a TRIP into the Unknown

The Rural India Project, or TRIP, aims to bring about realisation and social awareness through a profound exploration of the media map of the country. Their storytellers give voice to the villagers by ensuring that their narratives get the traction they deserve.

Off the beaten track- Sikkim

The eighth addition to our Travelogue series, Sikkim’s vales and valleys are given a voice as the writer takes us on a winding journey through the snow-capped mountains and lush green valleys, along a rickety highway.

Why The Left Keeps Losing

Despite an estimated 1.8 billion millennials in today’s world, the Left continues to lose its grip as a serious contender in big-boy politics. What can Generation Y learn from the Right?

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