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Monthly Archives: March 2017

The Sessionals Playlist Vol. II [Even Sem ’17]

We, at the MIT Post always believe in doing something new and unprecedented, and after having received much love for our collection of Indian music, we are back with a fresh set of songs for your nightly endeavours. We’ve divided the playlists into the Indian and Western categories. So, take your pick, grab that can of Red Bull, and don’t forget to make history.


Revels is a busy time around MIT. With so much happening all around the campus, we bring you glimpses of the Carnaval, to make sure you don’t miss any of the action.


ISA, Bangalore organized the iACT-2017 in MIT which saw teams take part in various activities such as paper presentation, project exhibition and technical quizzes.

Pre-Revels ’17: Footloose

One of the few things that captures the cultural diversity of India is Dance. Footloose, the official dance category of Revels’17, managed to capture every aspect of the art of dancing during the Pre-Revels events.

Pre-Revels ’17: Crescendo

If tunes are the tonic to your troubles, then the Pre-Revels events organised by Crescendo promise to be the best cure. With a variety of events covering every aspect of music, Crescendo managed managed to announce the advent of the Revels season on a beautiful note

The End Semester Playlist is back!Tune In