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Monthly Archives: December 2016

Experience Mayong – The Land of Sorcery

Mayong, a village in Assam has more to itself than meets the eye. This little known village is called the land of Black magic. From stories of necromancy, interaction with spirits and rumored human sacrifices, it is a place like no other.

Man vs Machine

Earlier this year, Microsoft’s Technology and Research team released ‘Tay’, an AI chatbot that learnt from users who interacted with it on Twitter. It was not long before trolls took over and ‘Tay’ began publishing a series of inappropriate tweets before it was decommissioned. As the debate between AI and human nature still rages on, our friends at Hashtag by IECSE tell us all about AI systems and the ethical dilemmas they present.

Defying Diktats

When Hasina Faras decided she wanted to contest in the Kolhapur Municipal Corporation’s elections, a body of local clerics warned and threatened her not to. A few months later, she’s the mayor of Kolhapur and a shining beacon of hope, demonstrating how a little grit goes a long way.

The Student Council (2016-2017)

It has come to the MIT Post’s attention that most MITians don’t know or don’t care much about the Student Council or what they do. We intend to change that. So we introduce to you the Student Council for the year 2016-2017 along with their goals, motives and the hurdles that lie in their path.

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